US Audio Analysis: And Now for the Presidential Campaigns….


PHOTO: Hillary Clinton speaking at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night

With the close of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, including nominee Hillary Clinton’s speech, I spoke with BBC Radio Wales today about the Presidential campaigns on the way to November’s vote for the White House.

The discussion is one marked by uncertainty — given the unprecedented nature of Republican nominee Donald Trump’s approach — and concern about Trump’s hostile and divisive language.

Best guess? In the end, the Democrats’ emphasis on a “positive” message of Americans working together will triumph over the “negative” declarations of Trump — who is running without the support of the Republican Party establishment — about an America mired in fear and decline and needing him as a savior.

But, given how Trump has defied expectations to succeed so far — at least with a significant minority of Americans — that is just a guess.

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  1. Major factors……………. will Bernie supporters turn their backs on Hillary? Looking like it to me. They’re pissed, and Jill Stein is actively pulling them away from her.
    Who is going to elect the next POTUS?…………… Florida, Ohio, and PA. Most other states are a given. (Trump will win my Georgia). If Trump wins Florida and Ohio he’s the next POTUS.
    Just follow the polls of FL and Ohio. If Trump is a lock for PA he will be the next POTUS.

    • Odds against a victory by Delusionary Jill are at least 10,000 to 1.
      FACT: So anyone who votes for her automatically votes for the anti-progressive Trump/Koch Brothers agenda and a conservative dominated Supreme Court that could throw out voting rights, freedom of choice, environmental and consumer protection for decades while setting Citizens United in Stone.
      A vote for Trump and his close advisors would also be a vote for the Kremlin in the White House.
      Putin is the real running mate of Donald Trump which is why Russian intel has intervened in this election.

    Not to attempt it seems totally out of character. It’s what he KGB (new or old) has always done. At absolute minimum he’s try. If so, was it reported? If not why not? If successful, Putin would have a biggie, as happened in Germany when Willie Brandt’s right-hand man was exposed as a Nazi agent. Trump would not necessarily have to know about it.
    Trump as too many guys who have spent too much time in Russia making deals and rubbing shoulders with top aides close to Putin who themselves have ties to the New KGB. Trump has too become too financial reliant on Russia for money to finance his campaign. For example, he allegedly was paid 14 million to hold a beauty pageant there.
    Recruitment can be either voluntary, stemming from ideological affinity or economic motives, or involuntarily, as in the notorious honey traps (attractive young women or men) followed by blackmail. Anyone in such a potentially powerful position is likely to be approached. could then be used to embarrass the target publicly or to procuce a very expensive divorce. Would all these guys be immune to such charms. If not, fearing public embarrassment and extremely costly divorce, would they say yes? ‘
    In any case, given Trump’s position, financing and the closeness of top Trump aides to Russia can we afford to take the chance? Why did Trump’s pro-Russian advisors removed several planks opposed by Putin and the Kremlin from the GOP party platform except as a “favor” to Putin? One of those deleted planks involved helping arm the Ukrainians so the latter could better resist Russian aggression. Why would they do this?
    As I’ve written before, the Democrats need to remind Ukrinian Americans and Polish Americans of the Great Famine in which six million Ukrainians were started to death and to the Katyn Forest Massace, in which 15,000 Polish officers, mayors, intellectuals, etc. were taken to the woods near Smolensk and shot in the head one by one. Their Polish uniforms were still on (coats pulled over their heads) and their identify papers still on the bodies. The Russians never figured the advancing German army would get that far or find the bodies.


    Trump’s plan to impose a 35% tariff on goods from Mexico is likely to increase immigration by crashing Mexico’s economy and reducing its middle class.

    That’s common sense. And since he can ‘t get Mexicans to pay for a 2000-mile wall (easily smashed to pieces unless you can afford guards everywhere) those folks will cross out borders.

    Another thing to note: Historians and economists agree that the Hawley Smoot Tariff, highest in history and passed in the panic following the market crash of 1929, actually worsened the worldwide economic collapse as nations everywhere did the same.

    Trump forgets that if we shut out foreign goods to save jobs, others will do the same and target US businesses (the most efficient ones) thereby costing Americans jobs. Throw in the fact that even if we cut off foreign goods whose going to invest in new plants while the economy is collapsing and aggregate demand along with it?

    PREDICTION: Trump’s election is likely to bring a huge market collapse in the stock market whch will affect the general economy seriously. Everyone knows that investor confidence or lack thereof can have huge impact and Trump scares many investors as much as he scares Repubublicans who distrust Putin and have national security concerns.

  4. Conservative Columnist Blasts Trump: THE DONALD JOKE IS ON US
    Not once did Trump acknowledge or condemn Russia espionage against the United States or our allies. He either does not know about it or does not care. He still has not taken back his suggestion Putin might be able to keep the Crimea. And by the way, what is funny about suggesting a foe engage in cyberterrorism? Perhaps next he’ll suggest — a joke of course! — Putin crack down on the media more often or repress gays. What a laugh riot that Trump is. Well, not really.
    Meanwhile Trump is trying to blame the victim by linking these attacks with Hillary’s e-mails (which apparently weren’t hacked at all). He claims the attacks prove “the Democrats have no security but we do.” It’s easy to have “security” when one side is not subject to attack simply because Putin wants that side to win. What does that tell you about Trump’s worthiness for office?


    Note To Bill Anderson: Prior to yesterday, there was definitely no separate header for US posts. You made the contrary claim so late yesterday and I responded even later so you may have missed it. It’s possible EA has a prominent USA header some time ago, long before the current election but it definitely had none recently. My guess is the topic got so little attention back then it was dropped.

    [Editor: EA started in November 2008 as a site focused on US foreign policy and politics, but it soon moved to coverage “from the ground up” of Iran and the Middle East. It has not had a separate section for the “United States” until earlier this year.]

    What made it essential now that a Trump-Clinton candidacy and consequent major foreign policy differences (pro-Putin/trust Putin vs. Suspicon of Putin) turned the election into one that interests everyone here a d worldwide.

    Had the GOP selected anyone but Trump or isolationist Rand Paul, I don’t know the topic would have drawn much attention here because EA attracts readers whose interest in foreign affairs transcends those of most folks.

    • to RT:
      Re: Note To Bill Anderson: Prior to yesterday, there was definitely no separate header for US posts.
      Wrong!… on United States than scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the oldest archive and you will see Dec 2015 is the oldest date for this header.
      So what! it doesn’t mean anything whats important is now RT has a place to post his anti-Trump message without pissing off readers in other sections such as Syria

    I’m aware its too early for polls to reflect several recent developments, though any coming out today could reflect initial concerns about Putin’s hacking of the DNC in order to influence elections and initial attempts to soften Hillary’s image. Lots of Republicans were surely unaware of Trump’s extremely pro-Kremlin views until those developments. Trump would fulfill every Kremlin wet dream.
    LATEST POLLS (AS OF FRIDAY). Most readers will concentrate on this national poll from Reuters. Hillary leads nationally by +5 in a two party race but a four-way race shows a tie…for now. Most may overlook the latest poll from Kansas, understandably. Given a four party race, Hillary actually LEADS Trump by +1 in Kansas of all places. Twelve days earlier Trump had a +10 lead in a four-person race. See the 2016 polls for then and now at Real Clear Politics.
    What explains it, considering that the Democrats have devoted little campaign time or advertising to red states like Kansas while Trump’s son campaigns in Mississippi? I think it comes down to foreign policy where Hillary’s “suspect Putin” attitude comes far closer than Trump’s “I love Putin” views on foreign policy. If Obama’s appeasement tendencies scared them enough, what are they to make of the Trump-Putin love affair, of Putin’s interference in US and western European elections and of Trump’s hijacking of the party. Putin himself may as well have hijacked the GOP.
    SIGNIFICANCE: Is it likely that other traditional red states in the Midwest share concerns over Kansas voters. I think so but upcoming polls will tell the tale. Lot of Republicans knew nothing of Trump’s pro-Russian views and connections until Putin’s intervention efforts were revealed exactly as the Democratic convention opened. Since then so much more has come out– Trump’s increasing dependence on Russia for financing, close ties to Putin’s crowd among Trump’s top advisors (who knew?), Trump’s removal of pro-Ukraine planks in the GOP platform, Trump’s reliance on Russian financing and his ongoing dream of a Trump Casino in Moscow. Anyone who knows anything about how things work in Russia would know any such casino would require invisible partners (Trump himself, the Russian mafia).
    At a minimum they should consider increasing their advertising in some of these states with the contrast in attitudes on Putin emphasized. Ditto if Hillary’s running mate can spare time for a visit–again with the emphasis on “No Kremlin in the White House.” What’s to lose? At a minimum, it would throw Trump off course, forcing him to divert far scarcer resources from current battleground states.

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