US Audio Analysis: Trump Seems Unstoppable — But Can Bernie Upset Hillary?


PHOTO: Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders — can he overtake Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination?

The chances of the movement to stop Donald Trump appeared to recede in the Republican contests for the US Presidency on Tuesday, as the businessman won three of four contests, including the Michigan primary.

Meanwhile, Senator Bernie Sanders disrupted Hillary Clinton’s march to the Democratic nomination, winning Michigan in the biggest primary upset since 1984. However, Clinton won more delegates on the night after a large margin of victory in Mississippi.

I spoke with BBC Radio Foyle on Wednesday afternoon about the latest events and the bigger developments ahead:

Listen from 23:02

Can Trump be prevented from winning a majority of delegates? The last chance is probably in the “Big 5” contests next Tuesday: Senator Marco Rubio needs a big comeback to win his home state of Florida, Ohio Governor John Kasich has to hold his lead in the state he leads, and Senator Ted Cruz has to maintain his recent surge.

Sanders’ task is equally challenging. To maintain a viable hope of taking the nomination, he needs to score even bigger upsets in next Tuesday’s primaries in Illinois, Ohio, and Missouri as well as running strongly in North Carolina.

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  1. It’s interesting that you brought up Trumps ceiling Scott. I would be fascinated to know how much of the dormant vote Trump might attract from the democrats or undecided voters. Hillary is deeply unpopular among many on the left.

    • It doesn’t matter. The dems could run a talking monkey against Trump and win. Women and minorities won’t vote for him. It’s the same exact problem the GOP had in the last couple presidential elections. A big portion of Trump’s own party either will vote against him or won’t show up at all. I predict one of the biggest landslides in US history if Trump is foolishly nominated. Even dems who don’t like Hillary will vote for her long before they vote for a buffoon like Trump. The GOP has really gone full retard.

      • Clinton has the same problem. Most won’t show
        up to vote for her. She’s deeply unpopular among voters and not that popular among women.

        Everyone knows she’s completely owned by big month interests and will take the country to war, which scored well with establishment hawks but is very unpopular with the public.

        • Who is “everybody”? And what the f*** does some kangaroo jack know about it? I don’t think you know what you’re talking about, as usual. You read too much propaganda that tells you what you want to hear.

          • Who is “everybody”? And what the f*** does some kangaroo jack know about it? .

            Dude, you really need to get with the time. It’s not the 90s anymore. Anyone with an internet connection can getup to speed with this stuff. News and current events are no longer limited by geography or distance, so someone like me here is Oz can know as much about the elections.

            • You think you can just read a few polls and know everything about American society. LOL. But thank you for your continued obsession with a country and an election that’s really not your business. My trailer? Nice one. I’d talk about Asstralia’s elections, but no one really gives a shit who your leaders are.

          • Here you go Kevin

            Everything You Need To Know About The Bad Democratic Turnout Numbers

            WASHINGTON — So far in the Democratic primary, there’s only one set of circumstances in which the party is producing strong voter turnout: When Bernie Sanders wins a state, tons of voters are showing up.
            In every state that Hillary Clinton has won — which is most states — the party is seeing a significant decline in voter turnout from the 2008 election.


            You see even in the land of Kangaroos, we can read about voter turnouts of lack of.

      • Kevin,
        Trump is the only candidate that has a chance to beat Hillary.
        The republican establishment’s no. 1 goal is to take down Trump. They’ll all be out promoting Cruz, now. Fiorina popped in Miami for Cruz. She probably got the call/order from Romney.
        I see the republican party imploding. Trump supporters are the most ardent I’ve ever seen. After the republican establishment takes down Trump his supporters will not vote. Hillary wins in a landslide. Possibly lowest voter turnout, ever.
        Republican establishment will take down Trump, as well as the Republican Party. Very good chance that the voter backlash will cause the republican party to lose control of the Senate.

      • Scott,
        Possible Marco Rubio will drop out sooner rather than later. Establishment wants to give Florida to Cruz.

  2. I don’t know if Trump can beat Clinton,but you can count on the republican party imploding if the establishment ambushes him
    I’m on the road, but still. …… Nostrovia!!!

  3. Republicans meeting in St. Simons/Sea Island making plans to stop Trump.
    I go there two times a year! It is beautiful. Jekyll Island is my favorite, though. Not one traffic light on the entire island!
    Place stinks every year, when the republicans gather there.

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