Yemen Developing: Saudi-Led Airstrikes Continue


A Saudi-led coalition continued bombing of Yemen throughout Thursday, including attacks on the base of the Houthi movement that has taken power in the capital Sana’a.

The Houthi area of Saada in northern Yemen was attacked. Other targets included a reception camp near Sana’a for new recruits joining militias loyal to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh — now alliled with the Houthis — and the al-Anad and Tariq airbases, taken by the Houthis earlier this week, in the south.

Coalition spokesman Brigadier Ahmed al-Asiri saying the operations would continue “as long as necessary”. He added that “at the moment” there are no plans for the deployment of ground forces, but troops are “ready for all the circumstances”.

Meanwhile, President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi — forced out of Sana’a by the Houthis last month — left Aden in southern Yemen, where he has tried to set up an alternative Government. He arrived in the Saudi capital Riyadh on Thursday, with officials saying he would continue his to Egypt to take part in a two-day Arab League summit at the weekend.

The Saudi-led attacks began early Thursday morning, with Riyadh claiming a coalition of 10 countries and the US providing logistic and intelligence support. At least 25 people were killed and 40 wounded in Sana’a yesterday, according to Yemeni officials. Amnesty International said six children were among the dead.

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  1. The first dents are showing already.

    – Pakistan has denied being part of the coalition and is saying they are still deciding

    – Despite the airstrikes Houthis are making strong ground progress in the south

    Unless the Saudis game up fast this may end up blowing up in their face.

    This is no longer just about Yemen but the prestige of a new king and Saudi position in the Arab world.

  2. Curious to what are the odds to this leading to a larger regional war between Sunni nations and those countries connected with Shiite extremism? This seems to be leading to a split we have not seen since maybe the early 1980’s.


    • Its odd you link extremisme to shiite only while wahabisme, ISIS and Al Qaida are all Sunnis. Also Houthis are them self regularly victim of terrorisme where Mosques are blown up with many civilian deaths.

  3. I know the ex-president was immunity after the revolution brought democracy to the country, but since he is supporting the Houthis I think said immunity won’t apply if he is captured.

  4. Saudis will need to raise the stakes very fast as the Houthis do not seem to be very impressed with the show so far.

    Houthis and allied army units seized the southern town of Shaqra in Abyan province today abd have gained access to the Arabian Sea.Their entry into the city means they control most land routes to Aden now.

    If they keep going at this rate Aden will soon very very soon and since Saudis can lose face they may have forced them selves to invade…

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