Iran Economy: The March of Qom’s Unstoppable Flip-Flops


Readers who have visited Iraq, Afghanistan, or the United Arab Emirates may have noticed a cool new sartorial trend — baby-blue plastic flip-flops accessorized with a charming flower on the front.

The flip-flops are manufactured in Iran’s Qom Province, which has proudly exported $90 million of the open-toed summer footwear must-haves, according to the latest “good news” story circulating in Iranian media.

The report contains a defiant, upbeat message from the head of the Chamber of Commerce in the holy city of Qom, Abualfazel Haki: “Qom’s exports will not stop and nothing can hinder export from Qom Province.”

Speaking to Tasnim News, Haki said Qom’s exports had risen a whopping 50% in the first half of the Persian year.

“This shows that nothing can prevent exports from Qom,” the Chamber of Commerce head added.

Haki said that Qom’s biggest exports were shoes and flip-flops, most of which were exported to Iraq but also to the United Arab Emirates, Central Asia, and Afghanistan. However, he emphasized that Qom also exports Persian rugs, detergent, oil, and oil products.

Last month, Haki said that increasing trade with foreign countries was “essential”.

Those concerned that Iran’s imports and exports could be linked to its controversial nuclear program may rest assured — it would be difficult to conceal fissile material inside these open-toed sandals.

Have you seen a pair of the Fabulous Qom Flip-Flops? Send us a picture — preferably of you wearing them!

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    • Pak,

      Sorry the point was lost here — the ridicule was not of Iranians and their achievements but of the propaganda, namely that export of flip-flops are significant economic development in the current situation.


      • For comparison, I decided to waste my time and look at the nearest competitor to these supposedly hilarious flip-flops: Crocs.

        Croc, Inc. is traded on the NASDAQ and has a market cap of roughly $1.2 billion (see here: ), probably making it the largest producer of rubber (or “closed cell-resin”, to be precise) footwear in the World. Certainly it is one of the most recognisable, alongside the flip flops produced by the Brazilian company Ipanema.

        According to Croc’s latest annual report (available here: ), the company expanded into the Middle East in 2011, beginning with the UAE. Though the company does not specifically state revenues generated in the Middle East, it does mention on page F-7 that its total assets in the Middle East was a lowly $2.5 million in 2012.

        According to anecdotal evidence elsewhere (see here for example: ), the combined revenues from the Middle East, Central America, and South America account for around 8% of Croc’s total revenues – that equates to $96 million of the roughly $1.2 billion the company turned over last year (see here: )

        So, $96 million revenue generated in the combined markets of the Middle East, Central America, and South America by one of the largest multinational corporations in the field of rubber footwear, Crocs. At the same time, $90 million of exports to only the Middle East by an Iranian company in the same field.

        Where exactly is the ridiculous propaganda here?

          • I despise Crocs with the heat of a thousand burning suns — they were *the* hot fashion item in Israel a few years ago and sadly considered appropriate workwear. It’s hot in Israel. When it is hot, Crocs make one’s feet stink. Imagine an office full of people wearing Crocs in August.

          • Funnily enough, I own a pair of counterfeit Crocs made in Iran. See it as my two fingers up to this article and the flip-flop world as a whole.

  1. The export of a special type of flip-flops is a significant tool for causing the tripping up of Zionist women who in our special shoe trip on every curb. In a diabolic scheme we have simple changed the 5 pointed star to a six-pointed star and with flop sweat have caused the Zionists to fall and stumble over their own feet. Defeat of the klutzes is within sight. The Chutzpah of our exports will overwhelm the feet of the enemy

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