Scott Lucas is a professional journalist and Emeritus Professor of International Politics at the University of Birmingham and Associate of the Clinton Institute, University College Dublin. A specialist in US and British foreign policy, he has written and edited 11 books and more than 70 major articles. He wrote the radio documentary Suez and co-directed the 2007 film Laban!.

He started as a journalist in 1979, working for a local newspaper in Alabama in the United States in both the News and Sports Departments. While working as an academic at Birmingham, he wrote for newspapers including The Guardian and The Independent and was an essayist for The New Statesman. He appears regularly on British, American, and international radio and television as a specialist on current affairs, politics, and history.

He has been an Adjunct Professor at Tehran University and a member of the Executive Board of the Center for American Studies and Research at American University Beirut, and he is currently an Adjunct Professor with the Clinton Institute at University College Dublin. He has also been Editor of the Journal of American Studies.

He is assisted by his wife and two children and plagued by his loyalty to Leeds United Football Club. He is also a proud member of Red Sox Nation.