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Launched in November 2008, EA WorldView is a unique initiative in reporting and analysis, combining academic expertise, journalism, and specialist knowledge from correspondents, citizen journalists, and activists.

The site began as “Enduring America”, with a focus on US foreign policy. However, we soon changed our approach,with the recognition of the importance of new media, social networks, and the importance of the “local” as a starting point for news and analysis.

*We believe in an approach to news “from the ground up”, with attention to sources and events, as well as noting the involvement of outside actors.

*We believe that citizen journalists and activists are just as important as mainstream media outlets in evaluating and disseminating the news.

*We believe that analysis is an ongoing process and avoid simple explanations of blame or conspiracy.

Our current focus is on Iran, where we began Daily Coverage on June 13, 2009, the day after the disputed Presidential election; Syria, where we began Daily Coverage at the start of the March 2011 uprising against the Assad regime; and the wider Middle East. However, we also are developing an EA Global and are seeking to expand our areas of coverage.

Since 2008, we have become a daily source for Government agencies, NGOs, corporates, academics, and journalists seeking incisive analysis and understanding of key events. However, we believe that our first responsibility is always to the reader looking for information, understanding, and dialogue.

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Department of Politics and International Studies
University of Birmingham
Birmingham B15 2TT

Editor-in-Chief: Scott Lucas


  1. Barleybill
    Barleybill November 29, 10:15

    You do not seem to be making any visible changes to your website, so presumably you are happy with the present state. I find it very difficult to read in comparison to the old site. The black side columns tune the eye to expect a high contrast but the actual font in grey is low contrast to the white background. It is difficult to read and most uncomfortable to use.
    I have just run a test on this page using http://www.checkmycolours.com/
    This returns the following analysis

    Testing done on 212 elements
    Luminosity Contrast Ratio: 62 failures
    Brightness difference: 69 failures
    Color difference: 72 failures

    Can you please make your website more readable? The poor colour contrast is making your website an unpleasant experience in use and is not up to the high standard that you previously established.

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    • Barbar
      Barbar November 29, 10:53


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    • Scott Lucas
      Scott Lucas Author November 29, 10:55


      We are testing new themes (off-line) this week. Apologies that we have had to use this in the interim, because of compatibility issues between our previous theme and WordPress.


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