1. Sputnik now repeatedly uses the term “Free Syrian Army” to refer to Ahrar al Sham-led rebels, instead of the prevous labels of “jihadists,” “extremists”, and “so-Called rebels”. — lol

  2. Censorship is a trap in the culture war between dictatorship and democracy. It is up to journalists and activists to turn the weapons of disinformation into exquisite tools against the purveyors of dishonesty. In short, sometimes the best cure for Russian propaganda is critique and re-purposing of Russian propaganda.” <== Well said, this should be actively and conclusively monitored and exposed. Issue is not so much the far right loving Russian propaganda. Issue is the Left which lacks the honesty to deal with critical information. For the Left, the end justifies the means. Not all ends, but their own ends. The Left is learning from the Russians and one will cooperate and align itself with Russia, if it has not already done.

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