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  • Syria Daily: Revival in Idlib City? (7)
    • Kazemi { Well, you know under Islam, women are so precious, like a piece of jewel. Nobody leaves their treasures in the open, they argue. So that is why women have to... } – May 25, 11:03 PM
    • Kazemi { Is that the same brotherhood that makes Hezbollah attack Lebanese Christians and Druze and Sunnis? Is that the same brotherhood that Hamas uses to throw Palestinians off tall buildings, and... } – May 25, 10:53 PM
    • magpie { You see more women on the streets in Raqqa vids.Idlib vids are sausage fests. } – May 25, 7:04 PM
  • Syria Daily: Pressure on Water and Electricity in Opposition-Held Northwest (10)
    • Kazemi { These regressive leftists and Antifas indoctrinate young impressionable Islamists into west-hating, hesperophobia, with fake narratives of imberialism and colonialism, to get their testosterone going. With each of these massacres of... } – May 25, 10:40 PM
    • Kazemi { It is probably sold to the Kurds, who then resell it to Idlib at a profit. } – May 25, 10:32 PM
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