Tahrir Souri presents the insurgent groups who have received US-made TOW anti-tank missiles in the last six weeks.

Nine factions are now confirmed to have the weapons. The US Government has confirmed if it sent the missiles, although American officials in the region have said they support the deliveries.

All the groups are “moderate” in Washington’s eyes. Most are linked to the Free Syrian Army and the Supreme Military Council.

The missiles have been seen in Idlib and Aleppo Province in northwestern Syria, in Homs Province in the center, in Daraa Province in the south, and in Latakia Province in the west on the Mediterranean.

1. Harakat Hazm

A group, which broke from the Syrian Revolutionary Front in early 2014, that fights in both Idlib and Aleppo Provinces. The first group seen with the TOWs, it was then promoted in a long article in The Washington Post.

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Harakat Hazm with a TOW near Sheikh Najjar, east of Aleppo, during a regime offensive in early May:

2. Ahmad Al-Abdo Battalions

Linked to the Free Syrian Army, the group fights in the Qalamoun region between Lebanon and Damascus.

3. The 13th Military Council Division

A Free Syrian Army unit under the Supreme Military Council, the Division fights in southern Idlib Province.


4. The Al-Omari Brigades of the Syrian Revolutionary Brigade

The Front is based in northwest Syria. Led by the controversial Jamal Maarouf, it has been pursuing a high-profile PR campaign for American support. It could be in conflict with Harakat Hazm, the first group to receive TOW missiles, after the group broke away from the Front in January.

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5. The Yarmouk Brigades

A long-established group fighting in Daraa Province in southern Syria, the Brigades are nominally under the supervision of the Free Syrian Army.

6. Liwa al-Aadiyat

The Brigade fights in the Lattakia countryside in western Syria. Its fighters were trained, and may have been vetted, in Qatar.

7. Liwa Fursan Al-Haq

The brigade is a Free Syrian faction that fights in Idlib Province and is funded by Qatar.

8. The 101th Infantry Group

A Free Syrian Army faction that fights in Idlib, the group possesses three TOW missiles that have not yet been used in combat.

9. Suqour Al-Jabal Assembly

The group, trained in Qatar, has nine TOW missiles.