Activists in the village of Kafranbel in Idlib province, noted for their creative and artistic anti-Assad banners, turned their attention to the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham in today’s Friday protest.

Banners accuse the faction, mainly consisting of foreign fighters, of being “alien invaders”, while others called on the Free Syrian Army to intervene and expel ISIS.


In another banner, Kafranbel activists stressed that the idea of the Syrian revolution was not to replace one dictatorship — in other words, the Assad regime — with another, i.e. ISIS:


The criticism of ISIS comes after the extremist faction stormed media offices in the town last Saturday evening.

Activists said the raids targeted a radio station, Radio Fresh, and a nearby media center.

An activist told Lebanese outlet The Daily Star that fighters from ISIS abducted six media workers, but released them after two hours of detention.

ISIS militants also smashed up both the radio station and the media center, stealing or destroying computers, cameras, radio and Internet equipment and pro-uprising banners.

The activist told the Daily Star that the attack from ISIS came hours after the station broadcast an item with interviews that included several women discussing their personal lives and problems as divorcees.