Trump’s UK Visit and the Protests — EA on the BBC

Over the next two days, EA WorldView will be working with the BBC to cover Donald Trump’s visit to the UK and the mass protests in London and across the country.

On Thursday night, from 10 pm to 1 am, I’ll join BBC Radio 5 Live for Question Time Extra Time to get in-depth on the issues raised in BBC TV’s popular question-and-answer politics program. Alongside Trump, there is likely to be sharp discussion of Brexit, turmoil within the UK Government, and the end of England’s wild ride in football’s World Cup.

Then on Friday, from 11:30 am to 3 pm, I’ll be with BBC News Channel TV on a rooftop terrace above Parliament Square to watch the protests. Donald Trump might not be there, tucked away in Windsor for a photo with the Queen, but we’ll be up to the minute with political developments after the fallout at the NATO summit and before Trump’s Monday meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin. (We might even get a glimpse of the Trump Man-Baby Balloon.)

In between, David Dunn and I will feature analyses we are doing for BBC radio stations.

Our regular news coverage may be limited on Friday because of this special occasion, but stick with us for the inside story on Donald in the UK.

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Scott Lucas is Professor of International Politics at the University of Birmingham and editor-in-chief of EA WorldView. He is a specialist in US and British foreign policy and international relations, especially the Middle East and Iran. Formerly he worked as a journalist in the US, writing for newspapers including the Guardian and The Independent and was an essayist for The New Statesman before he founded EA WorldView in November 2008.

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