VideoCast with CNN: Trump Is Detaining — and Losing — Immigrant Children to Win an Election

Donald Trump looks into the audience at a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 23, 2018 (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

I spoke with Ivan Watson of CNN International to explain why the Trump Administration will persist with the detention of immigrant children, even as many of them have been “lost” and cannot be reconnected with their parents:

When the Administration launched this program in April, they did so without adequate preparation of records. So when children were taken hundreds and thousands of miles away, the files weren’t maintained to connect them back with parents.

Remember this is not just a question of these 2,000 children. There are plans to build detention centers for up to 20,000 people….

No matter how much pain was caused in the past weeks, no matter if the policy is illegal in seizing people before they can claim asylum, Trump’s camp think enough Americans will support them to win in November’s elections.

The battle lines are now drawn.

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