Podcast: Week in TrumpLand — Trump v. Immigrants; A Bit More Stormy Weather

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty

In our weekly journey across TrumpLand, I spoke with former MPs Nick De Bois and Lembit Opik on talkRADIO about c— complete with dispatch of the National Guard to the Mexico border — and whether Trump’s affair with Stormy Daniels could still unsettle his Presidency.

The discussion considers whether, for all the chaos and uncertainty in his tweets, Trump can still maintain substantial support among the American people.

Trump knows what he’s doing to the extent that, when he puts those tweets out, he is playing to a base of supporters on social media and out in “real life”. He tries to wind up those people by playing the anti-immigrant card or the anti-Mexico card.

The problem is the practical effects. There’s no evidence that building a big ol’ Wall is going to deal with the problems of immigration. It destabilizes the US in the border area by raising tensions, and it unsettles Mexico, and it doesn’t do much for the American reputation around the world.

Listen from 4:16 in 1700-1730 Segment

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