Podcast: Week in Review — Macron v. Trump, UK’s Labour Party v. Itself

Emmanuel Macron addresses the US Congress, April 25, 2018

I spoke with Paul Ross of talkRADIO on Thursday in our 15-minute weekly review of political developments in the US and the UK.

This week, it’s a look at how French President Emmanuel Macron deftly turned against Donald Trump — amid the misleading headlines of “bromance” — to challenge the Trump Administration in a speech to Congress, and to send a message to the UK as well.

It was like watching the guy who smiles at you but, with every sentence, he’s just having a little dig and you never realize it.

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Then we return to the perpetual tale of the UK’s opposition Labor Party trying to hand back its chance for power, and its political credibility, over the issue of anti-semitism.

Listen from 10:28 in 0100-0130 Segment

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