Syria Daily: Mass Killing Continues as Pro-Assad Forces Try to Split East Ghouta

A boy stands on the rubble of a destroyed building in Douma, East Ghouta, Syria, March 5, 2018 (Bassam Khabieh/Reuters)

At least 62 civilians killed on Wednesday


UPDATE 1845 GMT: The international medical organization Médecins Sans Frontières‎ summarizes the toll in East Ghouta:

In the two weeks between the evening of 18 February to the evening of 3 March 2018, the medical data reveals 4,829 wounded and 1,005 dead – or 344 wounded and 71 dead per day.

This data is collected from 10 medical facilities to which MSF provides a full package of support, and a further 10 facilities to which MSF has been providing emergency medical donations from its remaining medical stocks inside the East Ghouta enclave. Two of these facilities have yet to submit data for 3 March, so this is an underestimate. There are many other medical facilities in East Ghouta that are not supported by MSF, sothe overall toll is significantly higher.

Of the 20 medical facilities, 15 have been hit by bombing or shelling. Four medics have been killed and 20 wounded.

The father of 3-year-old Maria Juma carries her to her final resting place after she was killed in pro-Assad night raids on Saqba.


UPDATE 1600 GMT: White Helmets rescuers relax after working a 20-hour shift on Wednesday amid intense pro-Assad attacks:


UPDATE 0830 GMT: The Red Cross says a convoy scheduled to deliver aid to East Ghouta has been has been postponed because of the pro-Assad attacks.

Spokeswoman Ingy Sedky said, “No confirmation yet on when it will take place….The situation is evolving rapidly on the ground, which doesn’t allow us to carry out the operation in such conditions.”

The mass killing of civilians in East Ghouta, near Syria’s capital Damascus, continued on Wednesday as pro-Assad forces try to split the remaining opposition territory.

Activists, including the Syrian Network for Human Rights, said at least 62 people were slain as bombing across East Ghouta tried to enable further ground advances or force surrenders. Pro-Assad outlets said another 700 troops have been moved to the front.

The activists estimate that at least 867 civilians have perished since February 1, with thousands more wounded and thousands driven from their homes in the area of more than 350,000 people.

Yesterday’s strikes include an attack on another medical facility, this time in Kafr Batna. At least 15 medical facilities have reportedly been struck across East Ghouta in the past five weeks.

Three White Helmets rescuers were among Wednesday’s fatalities. (Another White Helmet was killed by pro-Assad bombing of northern Hama Province.)

The Violations Documentations Center, which has recorded 944 “battle-related” deaths, reports:

Despite the assault, and after days of talks, the town of Misraba has still not capitulated, and the regime and Russia renewed bombing of Hamouriya, indicating that a proposed agreement had fallen through.

“The factions of Ghouta and their fighters and its people are holding onto their land and will defend it,” Hamza Birqdar of the rebel faction Jaish al-Islam said.

Enabled by the Russian as well as regime bombardment that has devastated East Ghouta, pro-Assad forces have taken more than one-third of the area, including much of the farmland and some towns and villages.

The UN Security Council called again on Wednesday for its February 24 resolution for 30-day ceasefire to be implemented, but there was no sign that Russia would agree to end the attacks and the five-year siege.

Moscow has announced a token five-hour daily “humanitarian pause” and a non-existent “evacuation corridor” to cover the pro-Assad assault. A UN aid convoy reached Douma on Monday, but had 70% of its medical supplies stripped by regime forces and then could only deliver half of its food because of pro-Assad shelling.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday that Russia’s bombing will continue:

Russia does not view Damascus’ counterterrorism operation as contravening the provisions of UN Security Council Resolution 2401 passed recently and supports the fight against terrorists in Eastern Ghouta by the actions of its Aerospace Forces.

Bashar al-Assad’s senior advisor Bouthaina Shaaban insisted that the reports of mass killing, chemical attacks, and blocking of humanitarian aid were the product of a “state of confusion“.

Children appeal for international intervention, “We are suffering and facing death every minute”:

Britain’s Channel 4 reports from an East Ghouta hospital:

Reports: Turkish-Rebel Offensive Captures 2nd-Largest Town in Afrin Canton

Reports and photographs indicate that the Turkish-rebel offensive has taken control of the center of Jinderes, the second-largest town in the Kurdish canton of Afrin in northwest Syria.

The ground offensive, launched on January 20, has surrounded Jinderes for weeks. The Turkish military said on Wednesday that operations to move into the center had begun.

The Turkish-rebel advance has secured all of northwest Syria along the border and moved to 12 km (7.5 miles) from Afrin city.

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    • Well, since both Reuters and EA reported the Russian and US strikes, you may need to revise that last sentence.

    • Such a dishonest comment, Andre. Read the Reuters article. It talks about just ONE incident where the US mistakenly bombed a school. The UN then confirmed that the strike was a mistake and may be negligence and there was NO targeting of civilians. As said before, when you have an enemy (ISIS) that is 100,000 strong in Iraq and Syria, there will be collateral deaths that are mostly unavoidable. It is not a pattern of civilian deaths by the Americans.

      And then you compare this to the Russians who kill 100 people EVERYDAY, by targeting apartments and hospital buildings and innocent civilians living in them. SHAME! Your fake equivalency is as bad as the fake news websites that you publish here like GlobalResearch. From the article:

      “”And three U.S.-led coalition strikes on a school near Raqqa in March 2017 killed 150 residents – roughly five times the toll acknowledged by the Pentagon, which said at the time that dozens of militants and not civilians were killed.

      “We did not find any indication that the attack was intended to hit either civilians or a civilian building but that the U.S. forces had enough time and resources available, that they should have been able to take additional precautions that may have led to the air strike being called off or delayed,” Pinheiro said.””

      Hopefully the US will learn from this mistake. But to compare Russia and Assad and then claim that Russia and Assad are not war criminals just shows that you are fake and lack the integrity to call out war crimes.

    • Drone video footage of two pkk terrorists planting a roadside IED that damaged a civilian vehicle. Shame on the supporters of these terrorists.

      People of manbej demonstrating against pkk

      Faylaq sham drone footage of jinderes for magpie, town mostly intact.

      • your biased doesn’t change my opinion. I can find plenty of videos, twitter posts, etc showing abuse of not only turkish soldiers, but your cannon fodder FSA.


          • I wish Ojalan is executed and that he goes down. Problem is that the Mehmetjiks love Ojalan and want him to continue destroying the Kurdish insurgency. That is why they feed him kebab everyday and give him internet access – or they would get rid of him.

            • LOL, if turkey executes ojalan you would be the first one to condemn turkey, and declare ojalan a martyr of freedom. Truth is ojalan’s life is spared due to turkey’s eu aspiration as hanging him would make it impoosible for turkey to join eu.

              • Turkey’s EU aspirations? Again, you blame internal politics and Islamism on EU and the west? You truly believe that Erdogan wants to join the EU? I have a bridge for you in Brooklyn for sale. How naive and simplistic are you Islamists?

                It is now IMPOSSIBLE for Turkey to join the EU. Forget that you will one day have a free visa to go and live and work anywhere in the EU and Islamify Europe. Western democratic people don’t want Islamic fascists amongst them attacking women and anyone who criticizes Erdogan or Prophet Mohammad. Have you not been following the termination of democracy in Turkey? And you still hope to join the EU? You don’t seem to understand the depth of depravity that Turks have entered by following the Islamists and caliphists. And then you accuse others of being uneducated when you can’t tell the difference between an open liberal democracy and a fascist state?

  1. LoL, even this long post of you is another proof that you write long rubbish messages on the subjects that you don’t even have a clue about.

    The law to abolish death penalty was accepted in 2002 when there was no akp\erdogan in the parliament and a coalition government was running turkey. The name of the package of laws changed was 3rd EU accommodation package. Since that many more packages were passed the parliament to make turkish laws compatible with EU laws.

    The relationship with turkey and europe is more pragmatic than ideal. Turkey is among the top trade partners of EU. And turkey’s army is an important asset for the security of europe. That’s why even though the public opinions are against each other, both sides didn’t take an action to end the process, albeit the process being freezed.

    BTW save your anti-islamism to yourself laicofaschist, liberal democracies are not some heavenly worlds where everybody is happy.

    I hope you continue posting entertaining messages like this one revealing your ignorance. Your masterpiece was the one in which you were lecturing me about Russia wouldn’t need khmeimim base because it had the base at the coast (?), lol.

    • Turks in general favor joining the EU, as I have said before. But your Fuhrer Erdogan does not favor that and considers democracy anathema to his “shithole” Mohammedan ideology. Try to read what I write more carefully so you don’t have to reply with a bunch of irrelevant stuff. Turkey’s military is now another IRGC and has no value for the EU. You seem to be dreaming of getting an EU membership so you can get a visa and visit Europe and find a job. Keep on dreaming. Europe doesn’t want corrupt Islamics that hate democracy. The only reason the EU has not terminated the process is because then it would be accused of “racism and Islamaphobia” by the fascist left and friends of Islam.

      Since you prefer Islamic fascism to liberal democracy, why do you insist that you want to join the EU? Is that an inferiority complex?

      The Russian airbase on the coast is Hmeimim. It is Russia’s main airbase, but it also uses some other of Assad’s airbases such as the one that Trump bombarded.

      • LoL, I must have struck a nerve, why is proving you were wrong about apo case irrelevant?

        About turkey’s importance Soltenberg thinks different than you:

        First get your facts straight, ok? After joining EU one does not need visa to travel. Currently turks can visit any european country after getting visa. I’m quite happy in my country and I have no dreams of settling in europe.

        “the only reason the eu has not terminated process”

        LoL, we are at it again, the evil leftists.. They were also the reason behind the US betrayal of syrian revolution, weren’t they. It seems any disturbing fact that you cannot deny happens because of them. Speaking of blaming own failures on the others?

        “why do you insist that you want to join EU”

        Are you delusional, I said turkish public does not favor EU. Where did I say I want Turkey to join EU.

        “The russian airbase on the coast is Hmeimim.”

        Good, it seems you learned its name at the end. You don’t have to thank me, it was a pleasure to teach you. So next time when I say “the only thing that is important for lavrov is keeping nusra away from hmeimim”, you won’t say russia does not need hmeimim because it has the base at the coast which 10 min. to idlib”, right?

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