Syria Daily: 43 Killed in More East Ghouta Attacks — Assad: “We Will Continue”

Shrouded bodies of children killed in East Ghouta by pro-Assad attacks, March 4, 2018

UPDATE 1310 GMT: More victims are removed from pro-Assad bombardment today:

Civilians have also been killed in Zamalka and al-Ashary.

UPDATE 1300 GMT: Regime forces have removed trauma kits and surgical supplies from a convoy that was planned for East Ghouta, according to a World Health Organization official told Reuters on Monday.

The official said 70% of the supplies were taken: “All trauma [kits], surgical [kits], dialysis sessions, and insulin were rejected by security.”

The UN said on Friday that it had preliminary approval from the Assad regime for the convoy, which would be only the third allowed into the besieged territory since last summer. But on Sunday, officials said the despatch of the convoy had been delayed.

The 46-truck convoy finally reached East Ghouta today but World Food Program spokesperson Marwa Awad, who accompanied the delivery, said, “This assistance is a drop in an ocean of needs.”

Another 43 people were killed in Syria’s East Ghouta by pro-Assad attacks on Sunday, as Bashar al-Assad vows to continue the assault which has caused more than 5,000 casualties in the past month and is displacing thousands of others.

More than 30 civilians, including 11 children, were slain in Douma by bombing and shelling. More than 160 were wounded across the area near Syria’s capital Damascus.

Since early February, about 1,000 people have been killed across East Ghouta, and more than 4,000 have been injured.

But as regime forces and foreign allies, enabled by Russian airstrikes, claimed more than 20% of the territory in the past week, Assad said there would be no observance of a UN ceasefire and relief in the assault.

“We will continue fighting terrorism…and the Ghouta operation is a continuation of fighting terrorism,” he said to reporters in a televised statement.

More than 350,000 people are in East Ghouta, which is enduring a five-year siege that has been tightened since early 2017. Large parts of towns have been devastated by bombardment, and territory claimed by pro-Assad forces — including the towns of an-Nashabiyah, Hazrama, Otaya, and Shafouniyeh — has been reduced to rubble.

Assad insisted that most people in East Ghouta wanted to return to his rule, but few have stayed behind in the areas occupied by his forces.

The BBC’s Riam Dalati reports that negotiations are underway for the surrender of the town of Misraba. If completed, the capitulation would split the remaining area into two parts.

The southern part of East Ghouta was claimed by pro-Assad forces in spring 2017, but the remaining area, centered around the town of Douma, has held out despite bombardments and the siege which has killed scores of people and left 12% of children severely malnourished.

Children wrapped in UN aid bags, from the only two deliveries allowed by the Assad regime since last summer:


In a Sunday statement, the White House condemned Russian involvement in the pro-Assad assault, citing intelligence that Moscow’s warplanes took off from their Hmaimim airbase in western Syria to carry out at least 20 daily bombing missions on East Ghouta between February 24 and February 28.

“Russia has gone on to ignore [ceasefire] terms and to kill innocent civilians under the false auspices of counter-terrorism operations,” the White House said.

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  1. There is no excuse for the free world to stand by and do nothing about Assad butchering his own people and the Russians helping him. Assad and the Russians have lied before before about their intentions and what is happening and now is identical to what they have lied about before in Aleppo. We know what the thugs Assad and Putin will do by their past history. To do nothing is a tacit acceptance that they and many others will be allowed to kill, maim, rape and torture. Assad will never take notice of the UN or conform to a a minimum acceptable human behaviour. He is devoid of human compassion and common decency and has a Machiavellian/Medieval morality that does not belong in the modern world. He and Putin have proven that there is no political solution to the situation in Syria and that military intervention is the only practical option to stop the carnage. No leader of any free world country with an IQ of greater than 10 can possibly believe Assad or Putin and every one of them knows that they are destroying the civilised world by doing nothing. Stand up now you pathetic ‘leaders’ and do your duty or resign the position that you do not deserve.

    • It is the bloody regressive left in cahoots with the anti-American right screaming “no regime change” and accusing the west of “colonialism” that is stopping free world leaders from acting. There is no other explanation for that. Hillary made it possible to overthrow Qaddafi. And look at the backlash she received for her courage, from these regressive elements that are being led by Marxists. Let us point our fingers to the root causes of the decapitation of democratic western civilization. The ‘leaders’ cannot act because they will pay too high a price when some regressive (with the help of fake identities from Russia) goes on tweeter and accuses the political leader of “imperialism” and “stealing raw materials”, etc.

  2. Well, it seems that Andre is avoiding answering my simple question about Hunter Douglas. The only reason is that he knows nothing about that. Hmmm …

  3. Erdogan has now surrounded and is shelling civilians in the city of Jandaris. Do western leftists still consider Erdogan a shining light of Islamic democracy who will put an end to the rule of military puppets of US “NATO imperialism” in Turkey? And that Turkey should be admitted to the EU with no conditions attached? That Turks should repudiate western style “colonialist” democracy and instead have “Islamic democracy” – a culturally more appropriate democracy for Muslims where they can block western cultural hegemony?

  4. Seems Turkey’s real problem with Israel is Gaza jealously. Seems erdogan wants his own version of Gaza from all the progress!

    • For an Islamist, a Gaza existence with fiery ‘resistance’ against some purported enemy is ideal. Keeps the masses in perpetual ignorance and stupidity and a state of tension – otherwise they would naturally question Islam (the religion of backwardness) and the legitimacy of Islamic rulers.

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