Syria Daily: 42+ Killed in East Ghouta in Latest Pro-Assad Attacks

Shrouded bodies in Douma, East Ghouta after weekend assault by pro-Assad forces

At least 47 people in East Ghouta, near Syria’s capital Damascus, were killed on Sunday in the latest pro-Assad attacks trying to break resistance in the territory.

Activists spoke of incessant bombing, as the Assad regime and its allies, including Russia, try to split the remaining opposition-held area into three parts and surround Douma, the center of the enclave. They said incendiary munitions and possibly chlorine were used.

Among Sunday’s victims were 14 children and 10 women. Eight people died in Jobar and 16 people from the same family were killed in an attack on Douma, according to local activist Nour Adam. There were also fatalities in Harasta, Zamalka, and Erbin.

About 1,400 people have been killed and thousands wounded in the pro-Assad assault since February 1, amid a tightening five-year siege. The Assad regime and Russia have defied a UN call for an effective 30-day ceasefire.

On Saturday, pro-Assad forces occupied Mesraba, cutting off Douma from the town of Harasta, and they advanced yesterday on the town of Mudeira.

As helicopters threatened barrel bombing of Douma on Sunday, pro-Assad warplanes dropped leaflets trying to undermine civilian morale, “Keep yourself and your family aware”.

White Helmets rescuers also reported renewed regime and Russian airstrikes on Idlib Province, including Idlib city.

Casualties are reported on Monday morning in the towns of Taftanaz and Binnish. A kindergarten was hit in Taftanaz, injuring more than 20 children, and markets in Idlib city were struck, pro-opposition media said.

Pro-Assad forces carried out an intense assault this winter on Idlib and western Aleppo Province, taking some territory and killing at least 264 civilians in five weeks, before deciding to focus on East Ghouta.

And pro-Assad warplanes, breaking a de-escalation agreement, also struck southern Daraa Province, on the Jordanian border, for the first time since last summer.

Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu boasted, in a new film honoring President Vladimir Putin, “We have tested 210 weapons,” saying that many of them are better than those in the US and the European Union.

Sisters Noor and Alaa write from East Ghouta:

Victims are buried in makeshift graves in Douma:

43 Attacks on Medical Facilities in February

The UN said there were 43 attacks on medical facilities across Syria in February, 28 of them in East Ghouta.

Twenty attacks were on hospitals — 14 in East Ghouta — 16 on health centers, two on ambulance stations, and one medical warehouse. Three of the health facilities were attacked twice, including a hospital in East Ghouta’s Kafr Batna.

Nineteen people, including four health workers, were killed. At least 28 were injured.

US Says “Very Unwise” for Assad to Use Chlorine — But No Sign of Action

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis has repeated a verbal warning to the Assad regime not to use chemical weapons, but again indicated that the US will take no action over chlorine assaults.

Mattis said it would be “very unwise” for pro-Assad forces to employ chlorine, amid seven confirmed attacks on East Ghouta since January 13 and unconfirmed reports in the past week of further use.

“It would be very unwise for them to use weaponized gas. And I think President Trump made that very clear early in his administration,” Mattis said, referring to US retaliation in April 2017 for the Assad regime’s sarin attack on Khan Sheikhoun in northwest Syria.

But Mattis has drawn a line in other interviews between a likely response over sarin — which the Assad regime has not used since Khan Sheikhoun and the 56 US missiles on the airbase that launched the operation — and chlorine, which would not bring US operations.

Last week, in a White House meeting, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster favored action but Mattis was “adamantly” opposed, according to officials.

Speaking in India on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron said France would strike over the use of chemical weapons — if the US joined the action:

The day we have, in particular in tandem with our American partners, irrefutable proof that the red line was crossed — namely the chemical weapons were used to lethal effect — we will do what the Americans themselves did…a few months ago; we would put ourselves in position to proceed with targeted strikes.

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  1. this is tragedy for mankind….body bag and garbage bag is almost the same..ass ad and the gang wanted to pilled more..

  2. #Deraa: “armored regime convoy with 2 dozen tanks arrived in Izra town in #Daraa province” – @markito0171
    What did I say few days ago? That after Ghoutha the next place to be targeted will be Deraa, I hope the rebels in Deraa begin making preparations. Furthermore NOW is the time to really reach out to the Israeli and highlight the high risk of Hezbollah units getting closer to the Golan Heights. In fact worse come to worse rebels may have to turn the Quinetra area into fortress and hope to hold out till the Israeli military get enough courage to send troops into Quneitra & Deraa just like the Turks are doing in Afrin right now.
    BTW: All UK readers who haven’t signed this petition yet I recommend they sign it and pass this petition onto friends & relatives in the UK to sign so Hezbollah gets blacklisted.

      • Reza is a warrior only in his own mind. I don’t think many warriors flee their own countries with their tails between their legs. I doubt he has ever been within 1000 miles of an actual war.

        • I don’t think he is Iranian. He says in secondary school he electrolyzed chlorine from salt. But no Iranian school has a laboratory. And you can’t find one Iranian expat that will defend Khamenei – unless they work at the embassy or IRGC. He doesn’t sound like he works for IRGC and he can’t speak Parsi.

    • Relax Matt, he´s speaking arabic not turkish. He´s only warning the ojalanists that their heads are ripe for plucking, nothing to fuss about, they have been warned.

  3. Here’s second hint that Russia/Assad are going after Deraa next:
    Deraa: “The Assad regime carried out airstrikes in Daraa governorate for the first time in a while. The regime recently threatened the area with an all-out offensive if towns do not surrender” – @Elizrael
    All women/children/disabled/sick/elderly should now be sent to Jordan, and all remaining must now either join digging trenches or making shells for rebels or joining rebel units as fighters if they’re not coward or Assad’s collaborators.
    Also launching MLRs at Assadists won’t do, multiple groups of ‘drone swarm’ attacks (the kind used on Russia’s Hmeeim airbase by rebels in the past) on regime bases are needed. With ATGM used only to ambush convoys along with deep-behind-the-lines ops on regime officers.

        • Turkey is neither a poor nor a backward country, it is a developing country. But your knowledge of economy seems quite poor.

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        • LoL, you revealed your wet dreams. Liberate turkey with nuclear and chemical weapons? What a clown you are. You constantly blast about syrian regime’s chemical attacks and hopeful about using them against turks.

          • Chemical attacks are condemned everywhere, except against nationalist Turks and “observing Muslim” Turks, who need to be sent back to Mongolia (nationalist) or Arabia (Islamist). After Turks trying to cleanse the Kurds and Armenians in Turkey and Syria, how does it feel if Iran cleansed Anatolia of Turks using nukes and CWs? Surely nationalists must approve nationalism by others?

            So, do you plan to “rise up” against Europe? Who exactly are you “rising up” against?

              • That was 9,000 to 3,000 years ago in multiple waves. But the Mongols arrived in Asia minor 600 years ago. Time for Islamo-nationalist Meokur to go back home.

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              You are even lower than the regime supporters, they at least try to hide what their regime did.

              It became obvious now that you have no morals, openly call for mass murder and ethnic cleansing. Perhaps you are a burglar or a robber or some other kind of criminal in your daily life.

              Btw you are not even capable of understanding what you read. I said we rose, meaning we flourished. Didn’t say rising up against someone.

              Mr. Lucas, is it allowed to call for genocide here? I believe proper action must be taken against this wicked mindset.

              • So you wish to exterminate Americans? Because they moved into barren lands unused by anyone? But when Mongols invaded Anatolia, that place had been fully settled for thousands of years with far superior and diverse civilizations than the Mongols who exterminated everyone on their path! So racist to call the First Nations “redskins” – I suppose for nationalist Turks, it is all a matter of race. If Americans should evacuate America, then Mongols should evacuate Anatolia. Let’s see you be the first before demanding the extermination of Americans. What have Americans done to you?

                I am not calling for genocide — just trying to give you some of your own medicine of genociding the Kurds and now wanting to exterminate Americans – which is what your shithole religion of backwardness has taught you. Even Ghenghiz Khan would have a bit of sympathy for the Kurds.

                Trying to backtrack ey? Turks are not flourishing because of Islam. Turks were flourishing starting in 1985 to 2010 when Islamists consolidated power. Now they are de-flourishing because of Islam. Printing money and 25% inflation. This is what you said: Turks have become observing Muslims and now they will rise. The war cry of Islamo-nationalists. Even the Mongols respected diverse religions and diverse cultures. But not the new Islamo-nationalists.

  4. No I don’t wish to exterminate americans, that was sarcasm but you didn’t understand it. Since you think you have the right to mass murder turks because our ancestors invaded turkey, I showed you another target by your logic. My fault, I forgot to write in the most simple form that is suitable for your brain.

    “just trying to give you some of your own medicine”

    Stop lying ok? We didn’t use WMDs that you wish to use against us, against kurds or any other nation. You are trying hard to cover your barbarism but that won’t work.

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    • Ah yes – and anyone reading my comment about deporting Turks to Mongolia would know it was sarcasm. But of course you did not catch it due to your lack of proper education – which is we can expect from followers of Erdogon – the most illiterate, simplistic, and backward strata of Turkish society. Even Ghengiz Khan, would spare the educated and the artisans (and send them to Mongolia) before he massacred the hoi-polloi. But your Erdogon jails and tortures the educated, the intellectual, and then entertains the hoi-polloi with state money, so he can buy their votes.

      You Turks have genocided the Armenians and Assyrians. Now you are genociding the Kurds, and then you protest when somebody brings that to your attention? 30,000 Kurds killed in the past 20 or 30 years, simply because they want democracy and the right to self-determination, enshrined in the UN declaration of human rights. So yes, get some of your own medicine. Iranians are coming to deport you all back to Mongolia where you belong. Ghengiz Khan and Hulaku Khan and Taymurlame massacred 40 million, and the Moghuls massacred 100 million (by some accounts). And the result is his descendants wanting to massacre more. And now you deny the genocide of Armenians and Kurds?

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      I have no problem with Iran getting partitioned. Only illiterate Islamo-nationalists believe in central authoritarian state and rule of a religio-fascist strongman like Erdogan or Khamenei.

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