I spoke with ten radio and TV outlets on Monday and Tuesday about the coordinated effort by 25 countries to expel Russian staff, including intelligence officers, with Moscow suspected of responsibility for the March 4 nerve agent attack in southern England.

In the latest chat, with Petrie Hosken of BBC Radio London, I explain the designation that the Kremlin is “highly likely” to be involved in the assassination attempt against former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter. We discuss the unprecedented coordination of the campaign to press Moscow into an explanation, and note that Monday’s steps are a “warning shot” of more diplomatic and economic action.

See TrumpWatch, Day 431: Trump Quiet as US Expels Russian Personnel Over UK Nerve Agent Attack

There is also a look at why Donald Trump is on the sidelines as US agencies act, and as Trump is beset by Stormy Daniels’ revelations of their sexual encounter and the efforts to silence her.

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