Podcast: Explaining Trump-Nunes Anti-FBI Memo and the Russia Investigation


The White House may release today a four-page memo by its ally, Representative Devin Nunes, seeking to undermine the FBI and Justice Department and thus curb or even end the Trump=Russia investigation.

Chatting with Monocle 24’s The Briefing on Thursday and Ireland’s RTE 1 on Friday, I explained the background of a Trump campaign v. his agencies since late 2016, even comparing them to Nazis. Then it’s a discussion of the politics around the memo, including a historical precedent from the 1970s, and the battle ahead over “whether truth prevails or whether the effort to make truth go away succeeds”.

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Listen to RTE 1

Donald Trump, who faces his downfall because of the Russia investigation, is trying to avoid that by going after the FBI, the Justice Department, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. If he succeeds, he stays in office — whether the system survives is a different question.

Listen to Monocle 24 from 3:00:

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  1. Scott, look at the facts and the players. Bruce Ohr,, his wife Nellie, Fusion, Steele, Clinton paying for dossier. Doesn’t pass the smell test

    As an American I feel more comfortable now that my govt. has addressed abuses by the DOJ and FBI.

    • Mike, I know both the facts and this memo inside-out.

      There’s nothing here that points to FBI collusion against Trump. The agency followed guidelines properly every step of the way, which is why they got the FISA warrants. I defy anyone to give me a substantial fact from the memo — and the necessary context — to establish otherwise.

      Meanwhile, the timing and PR around this initiative all indicate an effort to push back the very real facts that are gathering in the Russia investigation.

      Na Zdorovie!

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