Podcast: Will Trump Go Off-Script in State of the Union Address?


Ahead of Donald Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday, I explored both the opportunities and the possibilities for downfall in a chat with talkRADIO.

The 15-minute discussion with Alexis Conran and former MP Nick de Bois considers the likely script but wonders if the pressure on Trump — the Trump-Russia investigation, immigration and the likelihood of another Government shutdown, and his personal life — could result in the outburst of an unpredictable President.

There are also looks at Trump’s speech in Davos, the political situation for the 2018 mid-term elections, and the state of the Trump-Russia inquiry.

Listen from 6:46 in 1700-1730 Segment

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  1. Does a Pope shit in the woods?

    Could Raptor Jesus resist eating a delicious baby?

    Anyhow, since when, Scott, did you start passing Der Tяump☭nFührer Cuck-notes on how to survive in office, as opposed to plotting how to get him out?

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