Iran Daily: Regime Tries to Rally — But Protests Continue

Pro-regime rally in Tehran, January 5, 2018 (Ebrahim Noroozi/AP)

UPDATE 1730 GMT: The regime is continuing with its proclamation of supportive rallies and enemy plots.

State media proclaims a fourth straight day of marches, claiming “thousands” in gatherings in Tehran; Sari, Amol, and Semnan in the north; Ilam in the west; and Kerman in the south.

The Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council, Mohsen Rezaei, is the latest high-level official to put out the regime’s tale of a foreign-instigated hijacking of demonstration.

Expanding the explanation circulated on Friday by a Prosecutor General, Rezaei said officials from CIA, the Saudi regime, and even the “Barzani family” — political leaders in Iraqi Kurdistan — and Saddam Hussein’s brother-in-law worked with the “terrorist” Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO).

Rezaei said a secret meeting in Erbil in Iraqi Kurdistan planned “to take control of most of Iranian cities from the government so they could smuggle weapons into the country to kill a number of people and then pressure the UN Security Council to impose new sanctions against Iran under the pretext of human rights”.

In a second phase, the plotters would prepare for the entry of MKO members to further unsettle the regime.

No Iranian official has provided any evidence so far to support the story.

More than a week after the spread of protests across the country, Iran’s regime has tried to stage a counter-rally to overshadow the dissent, only to face ongoing demonstrations.

The regime displayed a march by thousands of people after Tehran Friday Prayers, the third straight day of organized events trying to show that most Iranians support it despite the political and economic issues raised by demonstrators

Tehran Friday Prayer leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami told authorities to deal “firmly” with organizers of protests. However, in contrast to the approach taken by the regime towards mass protest after the disputed 2009 Presidential election, Khatami, a hardline cleric, conferred legitimacy on the causes of the demonstrations — and applied some pressure on the Government — by calling on it to “pay more attention to people’s economic problems”.

The regime, which initially tried to ignore the show of dissent that began on December 28 in Iran’s second city Mashhad, is trying to limit the presentation of protest to economic matters. The approach would both insulate the Supreme Leader, who has been the target of criticism in many demonstrations, and put the onus on President Hassan Rouhani to act.

At the same time, Khatami and other regime officials whipped up the spectre of Iran’s “enemies” hijacking the protests by supporting “violence” among a minority. The cleric spoke of “those ordinary Iranians who were deceived by these American-backed rioters”. Public Prosecutor Mohammad Jafar Montazeri proclaimed a plot masterminded by the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia which began four years ago and was developed in Herat, Afghanistan — interestingly, an area of Iranian influence — and in Erbil in northern Iraq.

But the regime efforts have not yet suppressed the demonstrations. While footage has been slower to get out of Iran because of the regime’s restrictions on communications, videos on Friday showed more gatherings in Tehran and other cities.

The rally in Tehran last evening:

In Tabriz, during a football match, “The people of Azerbaijan reject suffering and abjection”. Fars News, linked to the Revolutionary Guards, insist that the crowd’s shout “A person with no honor” was aimed at the referee and not regime officials:

In Masjed Soleiman in Khuzestan Province in western Iran, mourning the killing of two protesters:

In Khomein, the birthplace of the founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, a crowd praised the former monarch of Iran, “God bless your soul Reza Shah”.

UN Security Council Session

At the UN Security Council, in an emergency session arranged over Russia’s objections, US Ambassador Nikki Haley said Iranian people should be supporteed because they are “rising up” for something their government “cannot deny them…their human rights”: “The Iranian regime is now on notice: The world is watching.”

But most Security Council members, including US allies, were cautious in their statements. While Britain also challenged Iran’s leaders over human rights, others set aside backing of the demonstrations with calls for moderation:

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    • Islam is the prime cause of backwardism in all of the Islamic world.

      A year ago, when I said this, there were a bunch of regressive leftists here who accused me of racism for saying the obvious. Where are they now? Probably supporting Assad and Khamenei and spreading conspiracy theories like Fisk’s – that CIA is going to execute a coup (how is that done?).

      The regressive left is spreading lies and fake narrative about Iran (such as Stephen Kinzer, the revisionist narrative weaver), that the regime should not be changed. These lies are then echoed by the Islamic government on state broadcasters, which allows them to prepare for a crackdown. Shame on these west-hating anti-liberal anti-democracy activists and SJWs who pretend they are in favor of human rights and democracy.

  1. Fake Telegram and Twitter Reports show social media to be unreliable source of news:

    “In a Saturday tweet, Suzanne Maloney, the Deputy Director of @BrookingsFP, expressed her view about a footage apparently showing the protestors in the Northwestern city of Tabriz shouting Be Sharaf (meaning a person with no honor) against the security forces.But in reality, the footage displays Tabriz people at football stadium of their city, protesting at the referee’s judgment in favor of the guests.”

    Amb. Khoshroo’s full statement to the UNSC regarding the protests/riots in Iran:

    He refers to the LA riots, the Waco siege and the suppression of the pro-democracy Occupy movement , in which hundreds died, as US hypocrisy over alleged concern for human rights in Iran.

    • Who attacked Occupy that resulted in 36 deaths? Probably deaths from freezing in their tents, or from dysentery and lack of hygiene. You surely know how to make things up. How does that compare to 10,000 (est.) Iranian students and professionals executed by the Islamic regime in 1988?

      10,000 executed in 1988. about 500,000 sent to occupy Iraq and be killed, sent by the Islamic regime 1980 – 1988. And then Razmjoo compares that to the Occupy movement? Mathematical comprehension problem.

  2. Pro-establishment rallies continue for a fourth day:

    It comes as Mohsen Rezai blames the MKO/MEK and Saudi Arabia for fomenting violence:

    “A few months ago, a secret meeting was held in the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, Erbil, where the recent violent protests and unrest in Iran were planned,”

  3. so has the regime decided who instigated all of this? The list of instigators has become so large! You have your typical customary bs about Israel, the US, Saudi starting it. Then you have some saying it was planned out in Erbil. Which sorta lumps the kurds in with MEK. Then you have that it was Amadinijifdadsfasdfasdfasdf and his people. You’ve got the Shah followers on the list. Soon, I expect to hear that bigfoot him/herself organized this.

  4. Robert Fisk: Why is Trump’s CIA man in Iran, Michael D’Andrea, missing from conversations about the protests?

    The plan devised by D’Andrea was to foment riots in February, to coincide with the anniversary of the Revolution, but it was brought forward because economic protest in late December, subsequent to a devastating earthquake in western Iran, provided a useful platform. Jared Kushner and Mohammad bin Salman provided financial and logistical support. More plan are being hatched to make 2018 a very unstable year in iran. Trump, like Bush, is determined to destabilize the Islamic Republic by hook and by crook.

    • Razmjoo – if you bother to read this article, it is bereft of content and facts. All it does is to propose a conspiracy theory. The regime will now take articles and conspiracy theories like this and start attacking the protesters as agents of the CIA or Mossad. Robert Fisk is enabling a massive action against protesters in Iran. This is how the regressive left contribute to repression in Iran. Already an Akhound has echoed Fisk’s conspiracy and they are preparing to commit murder.

      Thanks to the fake narratives invented and pushed by regressives, when such narratives appear on regime broadcasts and enable the massacre of Iranians.

  5. Interior Ministry puts the number of protesters at 42,000 nationwide:

    Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli said 42,000 people had taken part in the unrest nationwide. It was higher than a previous figure of 15,000 given by the head of the Revolutionary Guards, but still far below the hundreds of thousands that took to the streets during the last major protest movement in 2009.

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