1. The armed forces also face the dilemma of not having an enemy to focus on. While engaged in Afghanistan, recruitment to the infantry was healthy. Absent the prospect of that sort of adventure, the appeal to 16- to 25-year-olds is much more limited.” — The solution to this terrible “dilemma” is obviously to defend the ‘ooman rights of depressed young British racists [and the Shirker Bee’s realm, natch] by launching a fresh illegal war of aggression every 3 years against a prudently selected and relatively defenceless “foe”, thus giving them something to live for as they slaughter the wicker shield-wielding rag-head natives with minimal risk [apart from RSI due to clenching the joystick in over-excitement] to themselves … tally ho, by Jove!

  2. I recall being with a full colonel in the French Foreign Legion when he explained that the best recruiting drives they had, apart from peace breaking out in war-torn states resulting in soldiers surplus to requirements, and war criminals on the run, was when there were damning articles about Legion atrocities either in barracks or on operations overseas in the British Press. Not only did it raise the Legion’s profile, but it also hinted at tests of manhood, adventure in foreign places, the opportunity of sating that testosterone fuelled blood lust. Somehow I don’t see British military marketing machine availing itself of the occasionally opportunity to mount a campaign of this sort, which is probably just as well.

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