VideoCast with TRT World: “Increasingly Desperate” Trump in Trouble

Donald Trump walks up the steps of Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, December 2, 2017 (Susan Walsh/AP)

On Sunday I spoke with Turkey’s TRT World to summarize the latest developments in the Trump-Russia investigation.

The discussion covers the guilty plea of Michael Flynn, former senior Trump campaign official and National Security Advisor, and Trump’s Twitter response.

What you have is an increasingly desperate Trump. Flynn’s guilty plea can only point upward: the next target is Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner. And Trump compounded this with his tweets opening himself up to possible obstruction of justice charges.

The only way that Trump escapes this investigation without being forced to resign is by undermining its credibility.

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  1. Hmmnn, this could be getting serious … therefore, if Der Tяump☭nFührer must immediately sack the worthless glossolaliac Pence and make Bannon the Veep.

    Nobody can prevent him doing this and it will provide an impeachment-proof insurance against the backstabbing Cucks in Congress — while they evidently hate Der Tяump☭nFührer for his sparkling wit and charisma, they would much more so fear that the street-brawling political brain behind his victory should be empowered to become #46, President Bannon … for then would the swamp-draining begin in deadly earnest.

    With one cost-free slash of the broadsword it would effectively neuter Mueller and ward off any attempts to invoke the 25th Amendment.

    Also, it would be priceless & amazing to watch the Establishment’s hysterical reactions! Both McCain & HillDawg would probably succumb to apoplectic fits on CNN.

    • Sorry, editing error, first line should read:

      Hmmnn, this could be getting serious … therefore, Der Tяump☭nFührer must immediately sack the worthless glossolaliac Pence and make Bannon the Veep.

      without the ‘if’

    • Correction, it appears Der Tяump☭nFührer cannot directly fire the hated Silver Snake, Pence, due to some scrap of paper called the Yanki Constitution, but he can demand his resignation and, if refused, make his life a veritable hell until he voluntarily departs or accidentally steps on a landmine during a morale-boosting jaunt to some far-flung warzone with the Blackwater chaps.

      One way or another this vile Cuck-Child of the Corn cannot be allowed to back-stab Der Tяump☭nFührer with the 25th Amendment on a claim of “brain spurs” [Alzheimer’s/dementia], after he has been surfed by the RNC to get their tax-cuts through. That is why VP Bannon is needed immediately, to protect and continue the glorious legacy of the Supreme Leader, even in the worst case scenario!

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