I joined Paul Ross and talkRADIO on Tuesday to discuss British royalty, Donald Trump, the “special relationship”, and more.

The discussion starts with the juicy tabloid rumor that the UK Government has asked Prince Harry not to invite Barack Obama to his Royal Wedding in May, fearing that Donald Trump might be upset.

From that lofty beginning, it moves to a consideration of whether Prime Minister Theresa May was misguided when, within days of Trump’s inuaguration, she invited him to jounrey to London — an invitation from which the Government has been backing away ever since.

The chat also considers Trump’s bizarre declaration that he rescued “Merry Christmas”, the Trump Administration boasting about a cut in the UN’s budget, and its threat to UN members over the Jerusalem issue. And there’s a look at “Will Trump Make It Through the Next Year?” and “Is He Delusional?”

Listen to Discussion from 6:26 in the 0700-0730 Segment