Syria Daily: Pro-Assad Forces Take Deir ez-Zor from ISIS

Pro-Assad forces in Deir ez-Zor Province in eastsern Syria in autumn 2017 (EPA)

Next: Pro-Assad units clashing with Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces?


Iran Daily: Supreme Leader’s Aide Threatens Attacks on Kurdish-Led Force in Syria

Pro-Assad forces completed the capture of Deir ez-Zor city in eastern Syria on Friday, reducing the Islamic State to a last town on the border with Iraq.

After a Thursday advance that took four neighborhoods, the Assad regime’s military and foreign allies quickly removed the final pocket of ISIS fighters yesterday. The military said that mine sweeps were being carried out to remove unexploded ordnance.

The Islamic State, which held much of northern Syria in 2014, has now been reduced to the area around al-Bukamal, a key point on the border. On the Iraqi side, ISIS lost the town of al-Qaim and the last crossing on Friday.

Enabled by Russian airstrikes, Hezbollah, Iranian units, and Iranian-supported foreign militias, the pro-Assad offensive moved into Deir ez-Zor Province at the start of September and quickly broke a three-year siege on the divided Deir ez-Zor city and on the nearby airbase. Meanwhile, the Kurdish-led, US-supported Syrian Democratic Forces advanced last month to the north and east of the city, and took major oilfields.

The de facto partition of Deir ez-Zor, with the SDF now holding more than 80% of Syria’s oil, sets up the possibility of clashes between the pro-Assad units and the Kurdish-led forces. Last month, there were skirmishes as the pro-Assad offensive, using Russian-laid pontoon bridges, tried to move along the eastern side of the Euphrates River.

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      • You know that historically Jews populated the Palestine area for thousands of years. So why is it that you are so opposed for them returning to their homeland, when it was forcibly occupied by Arabs in 635 and Jews killed or expelled?

        • Lol why you think I´m opposed for them returning to their homeland? I was just pointing out russia´s duplicitous propaganda

  1. Adolf Eichmann: “If I Were a Jew, I’d Be a Fanatical Zionist”

    Eichmann didn’t just visit Palestine in 1937 to meet with the Zionist leadership. He didn’t just serve as the lead Nazi in implementing the Haavara Agreement. He actually endorsed Zionism and did so with fulsome praise. This New York Times review of In Memory’s Kitchen: A Legacy From the Women of Terezin quotes the memory of a Terezin survivor who met Eichmann:

    Anny Stern was one of the lucky ones. In 1939, after months of hassle with the Nazi bureaucracy, the occupying German Army at her heels, she fled Czechoslovakia with her young son and emigrated to Palestine. At the time of Anny’s departure, Nazi policy encouraged emigration. ‘‘Are you a Zionist?” Adolph Eichmann, Hitler’s specialist on Jewish affairs, asked her. ”Jawohl,” she replied. ”Good,” he said, ”I am a Zionist, too. I want every Jew to leave for Palestine.”

    • It should be obvious that the Germans wished to ethnically cleanse Germany, and thus wanted Jews to return to Palestine. Of course the Jews couldn’t take their properties and capital, so the German government inherited a lot of their assets – only a fraction of the assets was allowed to be taken out. Jews that left Germany could do that only by buying their freedom from the Germans. Hardly the case that Germany helped them emigrate to Palestine. If Germany confiscated 90% of your assets to give you an exit permit, would that be the case that the Germans encouraged Zionism? And the millions exterminated never had the chance to be sent to Palestine, did they. So Eichmann would of course endorse Zionism, but did he want Jews to have a homeland, aside from getting them out? Of course not.

      • Eichmann did want Jews to have a homeland. There was some level of understanding before the war between early zionists and some elements of the nazi regime (hannah arendt also pointed at this).

        Being zionism a form of western nationalist ideology, it is natural for it to be conciliatory with some aspects of nazism and fascism. Every form of extreme nationalism can be conciliatory with aspects of nazism and fascism.

        • Eichmann wanted a homeland for the Jews so he could remove them from Germany. Not that he cared for the Jews. Why did he not send them to Palestine, instead of Auschwitz? All he had to do was to deport them, and they would find their way to Palestine.

          Nationalism in one country is often friendly with nationalism in another. But why single out Zionism? And not all nationalisms are fascist. Zionism is not a fascist ideology. In fact its nationalism has a lot to do with self-survival and creating a homeland, rather than dominating others and making them subservient. Turkish nationalism is far more belligerent, and in fact anti-democratic than Zionism. In Iran, nationalism (Mossadeq) is still worshiped. How come no one condemns Iranian nationalism?

          • “Eichmann wanted a homeland for the Jews so he could remove them from Germany”


            “Nationalism in one country is often friendly with nationalism in another. But why single out Zionism”

            Because we are talking about israel

            “Zionism is not a fascist ideology”

            No it is not, it only has some thing in common (all nationalisms have things in common with fascism).

            “How come no one condemns Iranian nationalism”

            Maybe because most westerners know nothing about Iran

            • Look at this thread Bs As, it starts with Eichmann and Zionism. So you chose out of the blue to blast Zionism, without any provocation. So again, why are you singling out the Jews?

              Why are westerners more familiar with Jewish nationalism? Turkish and Iranian nationalism have wreaked havoc on those countries and the region. Baathism has destroyed the Arabs. But westerners are only experts in Zionism?

              Has Antisemitism and Jewish hatred have anything to do with singling out Israel?

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