Syria Daily: Indirect Regime-Opposition Talks Resume in Geneva

UN envoy Staffan de Mistura after meeting the Syrian opposition High Negotiations Committee, Geneva, November 28, 2017

Assad delegation ends 24-hour protest to join discussions


Indirect talks between the Assad regime and Syria’s opposition will resume on Wednesday in Geneva, after the regime ended a 24-hour holdout protesting any discussion of Bashar al-Assad’s departure.

The discussions were supposed to open Tuesday, after a reformed opposition High Negotiations Committee — including factions favored by Moscow — was established in Saudi Arabia last week. However, the HNC continued to maintain the demand that Assad must go at the start of a political transition. Turkey also restated the demand.

The regime then told UN envoy Staffan de Mistura that its delegation would not be in Geneva for the opening of the discussions. Russia reportedly intervened to ensure that the condition of Assad’s departure would not be mentioned as the two sides considered an agenda which will include a new constitution and Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

The Foreign Ministry finally announced Tuesday, “Following intensive contacts, held during the past two days between the Syrian and Russian sides, the Syrian Arab Republic decided to participate in the 8th round of the intra-Syrian dialogue in Geneva with a delegation headed by Syria’s permanent representative to the UN, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari.”

Sochi Talks Delayed

Russia’s plan for linked talks for a “National Congress” has been put on hold.

Moscow agreed with Turkey and Iran at the start of the month that the gathering of Syrian groups would be held in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi, initially scheduling the Congress for late November.

But the plan has foundered on Russia’s invitations to Kurdish groups, bringing Turkish objections. Even though Moscow stepped back from the inclusion of participants such as the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), it finally announced the postponement on Tuesday.

Turkey considers the PYD and its YPG militia to be part of the Turkish Kurdish insurgency PKK.

Claim: Top Iranian Commander to Troops in Syria “US Soldiers Pee Their Pants”

Video of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the commander of Iran’s Quds Forces, claiming that he told troops in eastern Syria in a pep talk in mid-November:

Look at the American forces today. They are more than 1 million strong. But despite their numbers and their capabilities, they are cowards. When they arrived in Iraq, they brought diapers for their soldiers, so that they could urinate in them when scared.

You, on the other hand, have achieved victory with light weapons, Why? Because you are willing to make sacrifices.

Soleimani was in Syria for the final battle by pro-Assad forces, including Hezbollah and Iranian-led foreign militias, against the Islamic State in the town of al-Bukamal on the Iraqi border.

The video was translated by the Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute, which said it was posted on-line by the “Syrian Army’s Allies’ Operation Room”.

Video: Tuesday’s Pro-Assad Attacks on East Ghouta Near Damascus

Shelling and a double airstrike as White Helmets pursue rescue operations in Hamouriya in the East Ghouta area near Damascus:

Despite Russia’s declaration of a de-escalation zone for East Ghouta, pro-Assad forces have continued assaults as well as tightening a four-year siege. In the past two weeks, the attacks — sometimes including Russian airpower — have killed about 150 civilians.

On Tuesday, five more people, including a child, were killed, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Russia had announced a ceasefire for Tuesday and Wednesday, but the Kremlin later backed away from the declaration.

A BBC report on the attacks and siege:

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  1. BTW, my heartiest congratulations to the great people, industrious scientists and supremely wise leader of DPRK on today demonstrating their deterrent ICBM has been boosted to a range of 13,000km, sufficient to reach Washington D.C., thus inducing a salutary droop in the perennial boner of the warcriminal pests infesting that place.

    ’Tis the only language these cloth-eared NATO terrorists understand!

      • LOL, Yanki invader “heroes” are still crying about the sound beating they took in Saddam’s Iraq, which is why Trumpler’s generals are jumping like scalded cats all over CNN, in no hurry to get turned into nutritious pork buns while trying to occupy N. Korea, where, apart from the regular million-man Korean People’s Army plus 6 million strong militia, some 100,000 fanatical counter-invasion Special Forces eagerly await them. Then there’s the non-trivial problem of weathering the EMP-storm promised over the HomeLand if they set one just toenail across the DMZ, plus the inconvenience of patching Seoul and Tokyo back together after retaliatory nuclear strikes — so, despite all his bluster, they will just run out the clock with endless fabricated excuses until the syphilitic Cuckster-in-Chief is safely tucked away in prison, then agree to some actual good faith negotiations from a position of augmented humility.

        P.S: Did you know that Donny Boy, as the most highly-decorated warrior ever, has earned many other military ranks simultaneously? For example
        – Private Taxreturns

        – Major Disaster

        – General Incompetence

        – Chief Petty-Officer Twitterthumbs
        – Captain Oblivious
        – Rear-Admiral Bonespurs
        – Specialist Pussygrabber

          • 2003-2011, when they poured several trillion bucks into the oily desert and came away without Cheney’s money-shot, weeping over the thousands of GameBoy Tourists busted only to advance the strategic position of Iran.

            That’s why there was that ticker-tape parade down 5th Avenue in NYC, to celebrate the geopolitical genius of NeoCon Brain-bugs, remember?

              • “In the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and east, west, south, and north somewhat.”

                That’s an ironically repurposed quote from towering intellect Rumpsfelt, the common or garden variety Yanki imperialist rapist who mendaciously used it to describe the location of some invisible WMDs he had 15 years earlier sold to erstwhile client Saddam for gassing Kurds and Iranians.

              • The US government never sold any WMD or precursors to Saddam. It is rather simple to produce mustard gas and sarin. Anyone with a budget can do it. And soon to be unfortunately, anyone with a budget can produce a hydrogen bomb, just like NK.

              • 1. LOL, no, innocent bystander Yankistan just had their Européon vassals [e.g. England, Germany, Belgium] subcontracted to supply all the chemical plant, expertise and ingredients while they focussed on funnelling Saddam satellite targeting data and every sort of military hardware necessary to prosecute and prolong the aggression they incited him to start, also producing fraudulent ‘intel’ reports trying to pin the blame for his Halabja gassing of the Kurds on the Iranians with whom they were at the time allied, vetoing UN resolutions against his chemical attacks, reflagging Iraqi crude oil tankers in the Persian Gulf as Yanki to give them any excuse to attack Iran directly, such as heroically shooting down an Iranian civilian airliner, and all because they were not in the least bit butthurt about being turfed out of that country by the Revolution of 1979. For sure. But nothing extraordinary, it’s just par for the course of Yanki warcriminal history, really.

                2. What is unfortunate about DPRK having thermonukes? Has not Yankistan paternalistically lectured us for the last 7 decades that these noble weapons are the most beneficial for deterring aggressors and generally keeping the peace? In that case I’m sure the MAD theory will work equally well on the Korean Peninsula as in Europe or Cuba for instance. In fact, extending this Pax Koreana framework to its logical conclusion, once every nation in the world has deterrent nukes there will be no more war possible. Brilliant, eh?

              • That’s a terribly weak argument, Kazemi, but I’m game, so what alleged CT are you on about anyhow?

        • Barbar, yawn – as Matt says, your sarcasm is becoming rather stale and boring. Own to the facts. Assad lost 45% of Syria, and 80% of its oil, and Putin will soon dump Assad. They are all out of money. And Iraq and Kurdistan are squarely in the US camp.

          The end result of your anti-imperialism belligerence has been 400,000 innocent civilians killed by a Nazi-like regime. That is why communism is so evil. Because communists support Assad and each and every fascist dictator remaining on earth.

          • 1. What sarcasm?

            2. The war’s not quite over, as you yourself have frequently remarked:
            A.) “Assad lost 45% of Syria, and 80% of its oil” — Yankistan is right now cutting off military support to the YPG, in other words SDF, so I’d be surprised if they for very much longer manage to hold on to all that is currently yellow on the map of Syria. If they don’t reach agreement with Assad to somehow reintegrate into SAR rather rapidly then they will end up effectively solo facing SAA, Iranians, Turks [includes FSA & HTS, etc.] and Russians all at once … which can only go badly for them. Therefore, being pragmatists, they will IMHO pick their best current option which is to go with some increased autonomy under Damascus, which at that point will have recovered 100% of its oil resources.

            B.) “Putin will soon dump Assad” — This is possible but I would consider it at most 25% likely over the next 3-5 years, as Assad, despite his several deficiencies, has demonstrated the fortitude to not cuck’n’run even when things were looking truly grim, and has instead tenaciously led his side to a surprise victory of sorts, thus maintaining wild popularity amongst that section of the population which had been scheduled for political if not actual physical annihilation.
            In this respect, for Onkel Vladdi, he compares very favourably to a gutless Yanukovych.
            Also, Assad personally is now the most grateful and dependent client Moscow has ever had, certainly in the last 30 years, so it may be considered inexpedient to ‘waste’ him, as literally any polite request reasonably within his gift shall be granted to the Kremlin.
            However, even if Russia does eventually sour on Assad, it would at most result in a face-change for electioneering purposes [and even that will quite probably be deemed unnecessary], not the vaunted régime-change still gnawing away at the collective NeoCon hive-mind. Otherwise, where would be the strategic payoff? It would be a snatching of defeat from the jaws of victory … so not going to happen, rest assured.

            C.) “Iraq and Kurdistan are squarely in the US camp.” — LOL, you wish! Soleimani’s chaps in Iraq have greatly boosted popular stature from the scrap with IS and this will reflect in the May 2018 elections despite the feeble efforts of Yankistan to twist the results in its favour. Abadi may cling on as PM, but only by again booting Yanki forces from Iraq with short shrift, as all parties save the recently castrated Barzani Bunch agree they do not want these arrogant [but equally ignorant] meddling bastards from overseas dictating in their national business, thanks very much!

        • Really? I don’t think so because the only country to launch actual military attacks since the armistice is North Korea. Try again.

            • North Korea has never acted in “self-defense”. Period. They started the Korean war and they were the ones who repeatedly launched acts of aggression after the armistice. Claiming you support that belligerent stalinist dictatorships right to self-defense is clearly disingenuous. Not to mention the obscenity of how your hero Fatty Kim the third starves, tortures, and murders his people while living a life of incredible luxury. You’re just full of shit. Calling others “warcriminals” whilst supporting North Korea? That’s just too precious. LMAO

              • starving, killing, murdering, torturing, etc… you’re own people is perfectly acceptable to barbara. That is the basis for his morality. He is also a strong believer in lying to the public for purposes of propaganda. He is also a hippocrit. Clearly proven by his own statements in support of murder. And he/she him/herself is also a bloodthirsty savage. Given his celebration of death and destruction. Its actually pretty typical for someone, who’s life is shit, to wish for death and destruction to others. Envy is his wife/husband

              • 1. “They started the Korean war” — Wrong, Kevin. None but Yankistan started the war by ever entering the country in the first place, against the wishes of the nationalist Korean independence movement which had been battling Japanese encroachment for ~50 years by that point [latterly with some assistance from the neighbouring Soviets and Nationalist China, which hosted the Government in Exile] and was ready to re-establish its own government in country after the popular tradition of Donghak, i.e. a belief “that the best way to counter foreign influence in Korea was to introduce democracy, establish human rights and create a paradise on Earth independent of foreign interference.” see

                However, perfidious Yankistan, coveting imperialist gain and territorial expansion for itself, in violation of international law and treaties [i.e. both the 1945 UN Charter rights to national self-determination of colonised territories and of its own express wartime agreement with other Allied Powers on the subject, see ] arranged with the Japanese Imperial Army to remain in occupation of Korea until they could themselves invade and seamless take over in the same function, then set up a quisling dictatorship régime of Syngman Rhee based largely on those remaining Jap collaborateurs who would otherwise naturally have been hanged upside-down as traitors themselves.

                [In other words the aggression was worse than that against Greece at the end of WWII, where the warcriminal Britzies similarly invaded to murder the Resistance which had heroically fought the Nazis to a standstill, only to restore the previously imposed unpopular puppet “King” who knew how to take orders from abroad.]

                It was only due to this fiendish Yanki duplicity that the Soviets supported establishing the Kim-Il Sung government to protect the national rights of all Koreans, which family tradition his grandson now proudly continues.

                In any case the Glorious Korean People were always and remain perfectly legally entitled to defensively fight to expel the illegal Yanki invaders from their country in order to regain their long-denied self-determination, unification and nation sovereignty, precisely as they were entitled to fight the Japs for the same reason.

                Hence the motto, “Down with the Imperialist Rapists, Worldwide!

                2. “Calling others “warcriminals” whilst supporting North Korea?” — No action of DPRK can ever lessen the historic warcriminality of serial recidivist Yankistan

        • Why would a Nazi-like dictator in North Korea have the right to self-defense? The free world’s animosity is not with the people of NK, but with its Nazi rulers.

          • 1. Because, irregardless* your opinion of the N.Korean government, it is not a dispensation granted under licence or withdrawn on a whim by warcriminal Yankistan, rather a natural right asserted by many nations but particularly those holding nuclear weapons.

            Whenever you fantasise about removing that right from nuclear-armed DPRK, consider the wise words of Darth Bannon to cool your ardour:
            Forget it. Until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that ten million people in Seoul don’t die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons, I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s no military solution here, they got us.

            2. “The free world” … this risible 1950’s propaganda is ringing rather hollow now, gutlessly pretending as it does that the blowhard Ginger Grifter represents anything but his own fragile ego.

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