Podcast: Trump in Asia…No Disasters So Far?

Chinese leader Xi Jinping with Donald Trump in Beijing

UPDATE, NOV 11: After Donald Trump addressed the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, making vague declarations about trade and how the US will choose its friends and foes, I spoke with Monocle 24’s The Briefing about the state of US foreign and economic policy.

Listen from 6:20:

Trump offered nothing but platitudes about how awful [the trade situation] is. But here’s the big shift: rather than blaming China now — because he’s a great fan of leader Xi Jinping — it’s all the fault of past leaders of Washington.

As Donald Trump continues his 12-day tour of Asia — successfully flattered by the Chinese into replacing his past blame of their “rape” of the US with praise of leader Xi Jinping — I spoke with London’s talkRADIO on Thursday about the journey so far and whether there is any significance to Trump’s pronouncements, from the North Korean crisis to trade issues.

Listen from 5:04 in 1230-1300 Segment

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  1. It was only rape at first, but now that Der Tяump☭nFührer has been wined and dined, he is actually starting to enjoy it … and even offers admiration for the rapists’ hard work.

    The Chinese know how to handle this mental midget, e.g. by deeply massaging his narcissism before another necessary spanking is delivered.

    [BTW, there is no link to audio.]

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