Podcast: Talking Trump — From Twitter Rage at North Korea to Hugs for Vlad

An enthusiastic Donald Trump with leaders at the East Asia Summit, November 13, 2017 (Doug Mills/New York Times)

I joined John Nicolson of talkRADIO on Sunday to review the latest in TrumpLand, from Donald Trump’s Twitter anger over being called “old” — but not “lunatic” — by North Korean State media to his embrace of Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Trump’s tactic is to try and belittle his opponents by giving them these childish nicknames.

We read Trump as being aggressive but it’s an aggression which is borne out of being defensive — he’s very, very defensive about what people think of him. It’s a strange kind of bullying….

The political effect is that Trump’s behavior is very unpredictable, very erratic.

There’s also a discussion, in connection with Trump’s support of Putin, about “Trump’s patriotism being all about Trump” and of the positive results from the State elections last week: “Not all Americans want to see division and the country turn in on itself”.

Listen from 24:30 in 1700-1730 Segment

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