In a telling juxtaposition of messages on Twitter on Sunday, Donald Trump boasted about “what I’ve done for Puerto Rico with so little appreciation” — even as San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz begged the Federal Government for basic assistance and wrote of power outages at hospitals, almost three weeks after Hurricane Maria struck the island.

In his latest attempt to claim success, after belatedly noticing the aftermath of the hurricane and then insulting Cruz on Twitter when she said the recovery effort was inadequate, Trump posted on Sunday night:

Observers noticed that Trump did not even attempt to claim a collective effort, as he did in a trip last week to Puerto Rico where he threw towels to people in a shelter. More pertinent, however, were Cruz’s messages earlier in the day about the continued difficulties:

The mayor retweeted news that the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority has decided not to request assistance from any of the 1,100 US electricity companies ready to help. She then appealed to a series of news outlets and the UN:

Cruz said of the Federal Emergency Management Agency head Brock Long, “Response to everything is ‘let me see what I can do’ or I will check on that. Seriously who is in charge here?”

Yesterday Cruz wrote of the efforts despite problems with resources and distribution:

Meanwhile Trump — playing golf and focused once more on football players standing for the National Anthem, his primary issue in the days after Hurricane Maria — made no attempt to renew the waiver of the Jones Act so foreign ships can continue to deliver aid.

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