VideoCast: Trump’s Threats and Chaos Within the White House

Donald Trump watches Secretary of State Rex Tillerson (Jabin Botsford/Washington Post/Getty)

EA’s Scott Lucas and Professor Inderjeet Parmar of City University London speak with CNN over the weekend about Donald Trump’s latest threats against North Korea and against his own staff, including Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, trying to contain the President:

Parmar: “Trump has to be the center of every story. He wants to keep everybody guessing, therefore the attention is always on him.

The second thing is that there is a natural split within the White House and its various departments over diplomacy v. military action, especially over North Korea….

And Trump wants a hyper-nationalist American power to be active within the world.”

“White House Version of the Apprentice”


Lucas: “Trump is treating this like a version of his former reality show The Apprentice. Keep everyone guessing. Are you fired? Are you not fired? Will we send the missiles in? Will we not send them in?….

This was not just a jab at North Korea. This was another jab at Secretary of State Tillerson.”

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