Syria Daily: Another Suicide Bombing Targeting Damascus Police

At least two people were killed and six wounded on Wednesday in another suicide bombing targeting police in Syria’s capital Damascus.

Three attackers blew themselves up outside the police command centre after clashing with guards, according to Syrian State media.

“Our investigations are ongoing to find out where they came from and how,” Damascus police chief Mohammad Kheir Ismail said. “The issue has been controlled.”

He said two attackers detonated their explosive belts in front of the building, killing two policemen. A third tried to flee the area but was trapped near a clothes market, where he set off his explosives.

The Islamic State outlet Amaq reported the bombing without claiming responsibility, but on the Telegram messaging application, ISIS said three of its fighters carried out the attack.

The Islamic State also claimed a double bombing on October 2 of a police station in Midan in southern Damascus, killing at least 10 people.

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  1. It appears that as the SDF was advancing eastward to the western bank of the Khâbur river, ISIS forces had to retreat south towards Deir Ezzor and took back the Jafra oil facilities.

    SDF has almost cleansed the areas west of the Khâbur from ISIS. Question is, when will SDF cross this tributary of Euphrates?

    • Is it possible that if there is an agreement between the Rooskies and the US, it may stipulate that SDF does not cross the Khâbur, and hence cannot capture the Omar fields? We shall see in the next few days.

  2. It appears that SAA has managed to circumvent Mayadin and reach the Euphrates opposite the Omar fields. They could presumably easily cross the river and capture the Omar fields. If they do not do that, it must be due to a NFZ.

  3. “Barada stated that recently there have been news that Turkey had struck a deal with Al Nusra and added that there has never been any conflict or clashes between Turkey and Nusra. He said: “Since the beginning, Turkey has opened the doors for all Al Qaeda commanders, from the lowest to the highest ranked, to enter its territory. Turkey opened the doors wide for all radicals, all Al Qaeda groups that wanted to cross into Syrian territory, and closed them for the migrants who wanted to flee the war and violence in Syria. The gates were opened to some migrants to have negotiating power with the US and Europe, and to make the camps they were to set up for the gangs official.”


    Barada said some groups in Idlib act like the military wing of the AKP and added:

    “Because these are groups founded by the AKP. These groups are Feylak Al Sham, Ahrar Us Sham and Sixor El Sham. All the groups they maneuvered as the Euphrates Shield and used as the strike force are in this category as well. Now they transferred some of the gang groups they used for the Euphrates Shield here as well. These groups, even though they are Al Qaeda groups, want to invade Idlib with Nusra, who have been acting together with Turkey since the beginning. Idlib falling under Nusra control will mean that Turkey is controlling it. But now, like this, as they market Nusra internationally, i.e. to Iran and Russia, they will try to take advantage of this and implement their own plans.””

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