Political WorldView Podcast: The Catalonia and Tribalism Edition

An independence rally in Catalonia, October 21, 2017, after the detention of some of the movement's leaders (Reuters)

Political WorldView;s Adam Quinn and Scott Lucas are joined by University of Birmingham colleague Sumedh Rao to take on the specific issue of the struggle for Catalonian independence and then the struggle over “tribalism”.

We discuss whether there is a political way of the escalating conflict between Spain and Catalonia, with Madrid threatening to impose direct rule on the autonomous region. Then we have a forthright exchange about declarations of “tribalism”, including Andrew Sullivan’s Trump-era jeremiad, and whether they are constructive or unhelpful in dealing with the current political, economic, and social challenges.

In between, the Number of the Week ranges from gangs in Virginia to an Iranian general in Iraqi Kurdistan.

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  1. Now that Puigdemont has finally gotten his digit disengaged to declare Catalan independence, we can confidently predict the rest of NATO will in short order begin bombing Madrid into compliance, much as Spain itself participated in attacking Belgrade in 1999 in furtherance of Kosovo’s equally unilateral separation from Serbia.

    Because consequent apportionment of ‘equality for all before law’ is the immutable bedrock of sacrosanct ‘western values’, yeah?

    • Yeah, because those situations are so similar. Wasn’t aware Madrid was committing genocide against the Catalans. Try harder next time.

      • Wait for it, the PP’s children of Franco will do their best, which will assuredly be something like sending George Lincoln Rockwell in to moderate an AntiFa debate in Charlottesville …

        [reply is equally valid to both BA & Kevin]

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