VideoCast: The GOP’s Losing Bet on Healthcare


With the GOP’s fourth Senate attempt to repeal ObamaCare on the verge of defeat, I spoke with CNN International on Tuesday morning about why the Republicans continue to invest so much effort into what appears to be a counter-productive effort — for the GOP, for Donald Trump, and the rest of the US.

The discussion considers the last-minute tactics and what really needs to be done, i.e., a sensible, single-payer system: “Until the US moves towards that guarantee for its citizens, we’ll keep going round and round.”

When you’re in a poker game and you either have to fold your hand or stay in and double bet, quite often you try to bluff it out.

The Graham-Cassidy bill is estimated to cost the American economy $270 billion in GDP. Perhaps more importantly, it’s going to remove or reduce coverage from more than 20 million Americans. States will lose hundreds of millions of dollars as they try to deal with this.

All logic tells you to go back and rethink this, but every time the GOP has come up against a deadline, they take this to the wire.

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  1. It is nauseating how opponents of Medicare for all keep citing the Charlie Gard case in Britain but ignore the tens of thousands of Americans who die every year because they can’t afford health insurance or can’t prove they have it

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