Syria Daily: Kurdish-Led SDF Forms Civilian Council for Deir ez-Zor Province

Kurdish representatives named to a council for Deir ez-Zor Province in eastern Syria, September 24, 2017 (ANHA)



  • Russian Lieutenant General Killed by ISIS Mortars in Eastern Syria

    The US-backed, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have announced a civilian council to govern parts of Deir ez-Zor Province in eastern Syria, following capture of territory from the Islamic State.

    The SDF appointed 100 tribal figures to meet and elect a council on Sunday. Fifteen committees were established for administration of provincial affairs.

    In its communique, the council said its priority was the return of tens of thousands of displaced residents and the restoration of basic utilities. It urged the US-led coalition to provide aid.

    A Challenge to the Regime

    The step is a challenge to the Assad regime, whose military and foreign allies are racing the SDF to seize the province, including Deir ez-Zor city. There have been clashes near the city, with each side accusing the other of firing across the Euphrates River and Russia bombing an SDF position.

    See Syria Daily: Russia Threatens Further Attacks v. Kurdish-Led SDF

    On Friday, Kurdish-controlled areas across northern Syria voted in the first of three stages for representatives leading to a regional assembly by January. Bashar al-Assad has denounced any Kurdish move towards autonomy and rejected a federal Syria.

    See Syria Daily: Kurds Vote in Move Towards Autonomy in North

    The SDF seized a major gas field in Deir ez-Zor Province from ISIS on Saturday, in a rapid advance that pre-empted pro-Assad forces.

    Ilham Ahmed, co-chair of the Democratic Syrian Council, told the Deir ez-Zor represenatives:

    Terrorism is beginning to end in Deir ez-Zor and the whole of Syria….These areas need to be stabilized, but the regime’s policies are still focused on rebuilding the centralized system that has lasted for decades and is not prepared yet to change its authoritarian regime that has caused destruction to the whole of Syria.

    It is high time the regime changed and compromised to take some steps towards democracy….

    [The] federal project proposed in the Syrian north was and is still aiming at maintaining security and stability in the area, a form in which the people manage themselves, as now where the people of Deir ez-Zor are taking responsibility for post-liberation of their areas.

    Russian Airstrikes Continue on Idlib Province; Turkey Warns “De-Escalation Zone” Agreement at Risk

    Opposition outlets say Russian warplanes have continued their week-long air assault on Idlib Province in northwest Syria.

    The sites said there were more than 50 raids overnight. Among casualties were five members from one family in the village of al-Dana in northern Idlib, with other civilians injured; a woman killed and four people wounded in the town of Ma’arshourin in rural Idlib; two civilians killed and several injured in Ein Zarka; and one killed and others injured in Khan Sheikhoun.

    Multiple casualties — one report said 10 killed and 20 wounded — were reported when tankers were set alight outside Sarmin.

    Shelling on the town of Bdama killed a child and hurt three civilians were injured as a result of artillery shelling on the town of Bdama, while several were wounded in attacks on the town of Quneitra, west of Idlib city.

    Using the pretext of attacks by rebels and the jihadists of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham on regime positions in neighboring northern Hama Province, Russian and regime warplanes launched the first of hundreds of strikes last Tuesday. Civilian sites, include hospital and civil defense centers, have been targeted as well as headquarters of rebel factions who signed an agreement for a Russian-backed “de-escalation zone” earlier this month.

    Burning tankers near Sarmin:

    Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu criticized the airstrikes on Monday, warning they could put the Russian-Iranian-Turkish agreement for the zone in jeopardy.

    “If they continue arbitrary bombing everywhere, the outcome might be Aleppo. There could be the risk of a new migration wave,” Çavuşoğlu said.

    The Foreign Minister said Turkey has suggested to Iran and Russia that the three countries could jointly determine the location of “terrorists” in Idlib Province. He added that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will discuss the issue with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

    Attacks on the town of al-Dana:

    The remains of a building in al-Dana:

    Bidema and Zeneya:


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  1. The Kurds need to be extra vigilant about the trust they give in the treacherous Amrica. Not only that (unlike Russia with her allies), Amrica can dump them with a whim, but – US made weapons in the hands of the Turkish and the Iraqi armies will eventually be used against the Kurds.
    Also, if Turkey Iraq and Iran decide to invade Kurdistan (not a far fetched scenario), how do the Kurds plan to defend themselves?

    • The kurds are trying to carve out a state by grabbing unlawfully chunks of territory from neighbouring countries…Should those countries just accept parts of there national territories ripped off?…

      • Those “terrirtories” do not belong to these countries. Parts of Iran and Turkey, Syria and Iraq has always belonged to the Kurds, and they have the god given right to govern these territories and be independent. Who says that Arabs and Turks from 500 miles away should own the territory that the Kurds have been living in for millenia?

        • You’re on another planet..Those teritories that the kurds live in have always been integral parts of Iraq, Syria, Iran, Turkey…and now the kurds are trying to take advantage of the context and steal them..
          But that’s not gonna happen…as soon as IS and the jihady boys in Idlib are done with, it will the kurds turn to hand over what they took !

          • Syria and Iraq did not exist before 1917. There were no Arabs in the Middle East before 635 AD, except in the deserts of the Peninsula. While Kurds can trace themselves back three to six thousand years. Arabs came from the Arabian Peninsula by way of force, invasion, religious imperialism, occupation and looting. They don’t belong there.

      • Of course they are not going to accept it. Yet I hope that the Kurds will at last get a chance to self-determine their political future. If you look at history, Turkey’s Syria’s and Iraq’s borders were drown as a line in the sand method by colonial powers after WW1. It’s time to draw some real border lines, which reflect the national aspirations of the peoples in our region. The Kurds were among those who were worst treated. Time for a historic justice.

        • You know very well that an independent Kurdistan will never side with “anti-imperialist” Russia and Assad and Hezbollah and Iran, and become an enemy of the US and Israel. So why are you wishing something that you will regret? Do you really want millions of Kurds to abandon your struggle against the west and NATO and against imperialism and join the looters and plunderers of natural resources and raw materials in Syria and Iraq? If Kurdistan and Israel join forces, then who is going to defend the Palestinians? Who is going to make Israel and Palestine one-state and erase it from the pages of history? It would be a disaster for the Arabs and democratic Islamist socialist Erdoqan if Kurdistan comes into existence.

    • Remind me again what the treacherous, back stabbing Israelis have ever done for the kurds? NM. Israel can’t even protect themselves without begging ole Uncle Sam for money and trying to goad them into attacking their enemies (Iran) because they lack the spine.

    • The only American that could dump the Kurds would be people like Obama, Holder, Susan Rice, McDonough, Rhodes, and other lefties in the White House – who have been kicked out. America has never dumped free people. The YPG being totalitarian and anti-democratic run the risk of being dumped – but not the Kurds in general. So if the Marxist YPG jumps to the Ruskie/Assad camp, which they eventually will, there is chance of being dumped, but not the idea of an independent democratic Kurdistan.

  2. Watch “Syriac Christians in Syria ask Donald Trump for arms against ISIS” on #Vimeo
    [ ] 4/19/2017

    President Trump: Don’t Let a Third of Syria Become an Iranian Arms Depot

    By Johannes de Jong Published on September 22, 2017

    Stream readers might remember that for the past two years I’ve covered the fight of Syrian Christians, and their brave allies among Kurds and Arab moderates. The goals of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF)? Religious freedom, local control for ethnic and religious minorities, and rights for women. That’s the blessed status quo now in the Federation of Northern Syria.

    But all that is in danger now. Who threatens it? ISIS is on the wane, thanks to the brave fight by freedom-loving Syrians. The new danger to Christians and other minorities in Syria comes from Iran. 9/22/2017

    YBŞ: We will protect the areas we liberated from ISIS […]

    Shengal Resistance Units (YBŞ) Command released a statement concerning the brief clash that erupted between their forces and Shia militia Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units, PMU) on Friday.

    The statement recalled that YBŞ and YJŞ (Shengal Women’s Units) have liberated hundreds of areas at the cost of hundreds of martyrs in a great struggle they have waged against ISIS in Shengal territory since 2014. The statement said YBŞ/YJŞ forces have maintained security in the areas under their control, and established an environment of confidence without engaging in any troubles with other forces. 9/23/2017

  3. Tears of joy as Yazidi boys kidnapped by ISIS terrorists and rescued by YPG-led SDF, reunited with their fathers. 9/23/2017

    “This is not only an armed war, it is a war of ideologies, mentalities. We are not fighting for a certain nation. Humanity is what we are fighting for” – YPJ commander Sema. 9/20/2017

    Abdulkarim Omer […] said that federalism is not only for the Syrian Kurds, but for all ethnic groups such as Arabs and Christians.

    “We want the northern Syria federation to become an example for other Syrian provinces. In the future, southern regions of Syria like in Daraa and As-Suwayda can also announce a federal system,” he added. 9/23/2017

    • “This is not only an armed war, it is a war of ideologies, mentalities. We are not fighting for a certain nation. Humanity is what we are fighting for” – YPJ commander Sema.”

      So said the useful idiot.

  4. Are we to believe that this SDF vetted civilian council is really going to govern parts of Deir ez-Zor Province? I mean, just look at the walls of the room…

    • Sounds like Chinese “democracy”. Where the townfolks go to polls and elect a city council, only for the city council to receive orders from the communist party mafia, and be blamed for not fulfilling its duties and responsibilities when things go wrong. No criticism of the party or its management of the city council is allowed.

  5. The colapsing western liberal agenda is being imposed by mentaly colonized kurds (this time forced egalitarianism). Instead of meritocracy being the criterium for the selection of the members they have chosen frankfurt school´s forced equality. Recipe for disaster:

    Building democracy and Gender Equality after IS: the civilian council in Deir ez-Zor

    “Each committee includes five members including two-co chairs, one woman and one men, and three deputies. This joint co-chair system to create equal presentation among women and men was adopted in all committees of the council”

    • Problem is that meritocracy doesn’t exist to begin with, in deeply tribal, patriarchal, and hierarchical society. So what else can you do but sex-based affirmative action?

      It will take another five decades for equality to creep in from below. Problem is that YPG has the power to do this, and will never give up its power to govern, whether in a positive manner, or in a self-serving destructive manner.

      If the Kurds had a proper democratic constitution which allowed such sex based affirmative action, but phased it out over time, I would support that. But the only constitution the Kurds seem to have today is a AK47 in the hands of a YPG ideologue. Stupid people.

  6. Simply disgusting. Russians and SAF are bombing enclaves of Idlib that are held by the FSA and AaS, and leaving HTS alone. Obviously HTS is no threat to the SAA and are cowards and whimps. The only thing they excel in is to fight other Syrian rebels and kill rebels who do not submit to them, and grab their territory. And then hand the territory to Assad in due course. Just like ISIS. So when it comes to confronting Assad, Assad wishes to spare them.

    And then HTS colludes with Taqiyya Tyyip and attacks the Kurds of Efrin.

    This is Islam folks. Islam will side with fascism and communism on the drop of the hat. No wonder British communists and Antifas are converting to Islam in numbers. They are also infiltrating the British army, which is another matter. Happy to say that I was instrumental on social media in discovering a communist Islamic convert mole in the British army – and reported it, and the guy was stripped of his rank and kicked out. Always be on the lookout for these anti-democracy regressive leftists and report them to the security authorities.

  7. Andre says “US has been dropping bombs on innocent civilians”. Then he says:

    “Iran 1987” — do you mean the incident where an Iran Air flew into a no-fly zone and never identified itself despite multiple requests to identify on a shared international channel, and was mistaken for a fighter bomber attacking a US warship and was shot down by a missile?

    Are you mad? Where did you receive this fake history? From Internet Troll Agency, Savushkina Street in St. Petersburg?

  8. Andre says “US has been dropping bombs on innocent civilians”. Then he says:

    “Iran 1987”?
    “Panama 1989”?

    You mean the fascist dictator Noriega who had mounted a coup and had deposed the democratically elected president of Panama? And who was shipping drugs to the US and was exposed by Seymour Hersh in the NYT had a right to rule Panama and should not have been deposed by the US? And there were no innocent civilians that “bombs were dropped” upon.

    Are you mad? Where did you receive the fake history of US bombing Panamanian civilians? From Internet Troll Agency, Savushkina Street in St. Petersburg?

    • You mean the fascist dictator Noriega who had mounted a coup and had deposed the democratically elected president of Panama?” — This while you happily applaud the close parallel situation of the fascist dictator Sisi deposing the democratically elected president Morsi in Egypt, right? Yes, your rather tenuous attachment to democracy is well noted.

      who was shipping drugs to the US” — You mean collaborating with the CIA to use Panamanian banks to launder the proceeds of their Iran-Contra ‘coke pipeline’ into Yankistan, which contract Mafia Don Bush only cancelled when this underling refused to traffic arms to his Contras for the illegal terrorist war against Nicaragua, which was also being prosecuted in violation of Congress as well as Yanki domestic law?

      there were no innocent civilians that ‘bombs were dropped’ upon” — Prey explain then how the numerous civilian casualties were produced during the illegal Yanki invasion condemned by a majority of the UNGA as a blatant act of aggression?

      • How is Panama doing today? Oh, that’s right they’re a thriving democracy now. I know that breaks your heart since they don’t have a genocidal maniac leading them as you seem to prefer in Syria and North Korea among other places. I’m sure you’re very concerned for civilians. Just not in war criminal dictatorships that oppose the US. LOL.

      • Egypt is a different topic, and Morsi had amassed his own violent militia, and was never democratically elected in their flawed elections. Just like other extremists, you don’t understand the “liberal” in “liberal-democracy”. Nice attempt at digression. Just shows you have no argument.

        Noriega mounted a coup. Read the Wiki. He flaunted the supreme court’s order. Not sure why you are defending this Nazi? Did he have to go, or did this coup maker have to stay? Yes or no?

        Again claiming the US targeted “numerous” civilians for the heck of it? Andre could not back up his claim. Do you care to back yours?

  9. Will there ever be a warning to stop posting so-called ‘evidence’ from Fake News and Russian troll websites such as RT, Zero Hedge, Global Research, etc?

    These websites are in the job of manufacturing data.

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