• Mueller yes.

        The point is Scott that the allegations of Russia collusion are baseless. Even this podcast admits Mueller is going after the instruction of justice angle because they clearly have nothing else.

        • The podcast says nothing of the sort.

          I do appreciate your need to believe as well as to wish away all consideration of the information.

          • Mueller’s investigation has moved on to Trump’s actions since taking office. The Russian hacking story is completely an utterly debunked since being proven it was psychically impossible and that no government agency has ever conducted a forensic examination of the DNC servers. Thus, the witch hunt has moved to obstruction of justice.

            The FBI and intelligence agencies have been working on this for 12 months and have not charged anyone with any crime or misdemeanor. The dossier is utterly discredit. It’s time to admit Russia-gate is Nothing-gate.

            The case is so threadbare that Dunn had to fall back on the question as to why Trump has not been more critical of Putin. I mean, seriously? Is that all they got?

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