Syria Daily: Hezbollah-Regime Convoy of ISIS Fighters Finally Reaches Eastern Destination

Buses with Islamic State fighters and relatives in the desert in eastern Syria, August 29, 2017 (Louai Beshara/AFP/Getty)

ISIS convoy gets to Iraq border after more than two weeks as US backs away


The Importance of Justice: Syria’s Disappeared

A Hezbollah-regime convoy with hundreds of Islamic State fighters and family members has finally reached Deir ez-Zor Province in eastern Syria, after it was blocked for two weeks by US airstrikes.

Ambulances and 17 buses began moving the ISIS group of more than 300 fighters and more than 300 relatives from southwestern Syria in late August, after a linked offensive between Hezbollah and the Lebanese Army cleared the Islamic State from both sides of the Syria-Lebanon border. The convoy’s destination was al-Bukamal on the Iraq border, one of ISIS’s remaining strongholds as its territory shrinks into part of Deir ez-Zor Province.

Two days into the journey, US raids cratered the highway, stranding the convoy as it searched for another route. Eventually, 11 buses carried on while six returned to regime-held territory.

Last week, at the urging of Russia, the Americans finally called off aerial surveillance.

“The deal has been completed,” said a “commander in the [pro-Assad] military alliance” — probably a Hezbollah source — to Reuters.

The commanders said that, along the new route, ISIS freed a Hezbollah prisoner.

Earlier this week, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah — highlighting the role of his forces in propping up the Assad regime and downplaying that of the regime’s military — declared “victory” in the 79-month Syrian conflict.

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    • You’re exaggerating…those 300 aren’t the famous spartans but a bunch of defeated fighters who won’t make any significant difference on the battelfield even when they arrive..
      Main question is what will Assad do after wrapping things up in deir-ez-zour..will he also try to recover areas controlled by the kurds or just focuss on idlib and settle with a de facto partition of the country?

  1. Hundreds of people in Kobanî participated in a march to support the Kurdish uprising in Iran: “Rojhilat is not alone, Kobani stands with you”î_participated_in_a/ 9/13/2017

    With the threat of independence of Kurds in Iraq (Bashur) and federalism giving national rights to Syrian Kurds, will Turkey unite with Iran, fearing Kurdistan’s growing power in the region? 9/12/2017

    How can Rojava’s experiment possibly survive in a such a hostile world? The authors of Revolution in Rojava strongly urge the building of Left support sufficiently strong to influence North American and European governments. The people of Rojava, the authors stress, are in need of material support from the West at the same time they are acutely aware of the dangers of a U.S. embrace.

    The idea that Rojava’s acceptance of Western aid is a “betrayal” is called “naïve” by the authors, drawing parallels with Republican Spain of the 1930s. Describing Rojava as an “anti-fascist project,” they note that the capitalist West turned its back on the Spanish Revolution, allowing fascism to triumph. 8/30/2017

    • “The authors of Revolution in Rojava strongly urge the building of Left support sufficiently strong to influence North American and European governments”

      Lol miserable marxist begging the west for material support!

  2. Once We Beat ISIS, Dont Abandon Us
    by Sinam Mohamad, foreign envoy for Democratic Federal System of Northern Syria. 5/12/2017

    SOF cdr’s in Syria worry that the U.S. will abandon the Syrian Arab Coalition (and Kurds) due to regional politics.… 9/14/2017


    #Belgium Appeal Court: “#PKK is not a terrorist organization but a party in a non-international armed conflict.” 9/14/2017

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