Syria Daily: Suicide Bomber Hits Rebels in South, Kills 23

Jaish al-Islam fighters east of Damascus, August 2017

2nd explosion in 3 days against rebels in Daraa Province — but who carried out the attacks?


A training camp of the rebel faction Jaish al-Islam was struck by a suicide bomber on Friday night in southern Syria, causing dozens of casualties.

THe bomber attacked a meeting of Jaish al-Islam members in Naseeb in eastern Daraa Province, killing at least 23 people and injuring about 30.

The explosion was the second in three days against rebels. On Wednesday, a blast inside an operations room, in a manufacturing plant near Daraa city, killed at least four people.

A de-escalation zone, proclaimed by the US and Russia last month, covers southwestern Syria including parts of Daraa Province. Battles between pro-Assad forces and rebels have ebbed in Daraa city, which has been divided beteween the two sides for the years.

No one has claimed responsibility for the blasts. The Islamic State has largely been ejected from the area, but still carries out attacks. The jihadist bloc Hayat Tahrir al-Sham could also be a suspect — Jaish al-Islam and the Failaq al-Rahman faction have easded their differences near Damascus and are trying to push out HTS, led by Jabhat Fatah al-Sham, the group which pledged allegiance to Al Qa’eda until July 2016.

Footage of aftermath of Friday’s bombing, with graphic images of bodies:

YouTube, Suspending Accounts Documenting Syria, Deletes 100s of Videos Collected by Bellingcat Founder Higgins

YouTube has deleted hundreds of videos, collected by geolocation specialist Eliot Higgins, of attacks and atrocities in the Syrian conflict.

The account of Higgins, the founder of the specialist site Bellingcat, has been one of many suspended by YouTube. Earlier this week Google, the parent company of YouTube, said it had introduced artificial intelligence which could detect “extremist” videos without any human intervention; however, the software appears to have swept up videos collected by Bellingcat, AirWars, Middle East Eye, and other monitors and journalists.

Higgins responded on Saturday with a swipe at the Google AI and a note on the damaging loss of documentary material:

Higgins, who said he has met with Google over the last few years to discuss effective steps against “extremism” in social media, noted, “Ironically, by deleting years-old opposition channels YouTube is doing more damage to Syrian history than ISIS could ever hope to achieve. YouTube’s new anti ISIS AI has also shut down multiple channels with years of videos from Syria, irreplaceable documentation of the conflict.”

7 White Helmets Volunteers Killed by Gang in Idlib Province

A gang has attacked a White Helmets civil defense center in northwest Syria, killing seven volunteers and stealing money and equipment.

The assault was on the center in Sarmin in Idlib Province. The victims were shot in the head, according to journalist Hadi al-Abdallah:

One of the victims is reportedly a volunteer who carried out a dramatic rescue of a baby amid the pro-Assad assault on eastern Aleppo city in September 2016, and was then filmed crying, “I felt like she was my daughter”:

Almost 200 White Helmets personnel have been killed, the large majority by Assad regime and Russian airstrikes, since the organization was formed in 2013.

Volunteers rush for rescue operations after a regime airstrike on Douma, northeast of Damascus, on Saturday:

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  1. 1. Lund analysis of Idlib’s prospects:

    Ahrar al-Sham is as good as gone from Idlib …

    HTS absorbed most of their foot-soldiers and heavy weapons along with strategic control of the province …

    CIA’s MOM in Turkey is being dismantled …

    most of the remaining Free Syrian Army factions in Idlib are likely to disintegrate once their salary scheme lapses …

    or be accepted into Tahrir al-Sham …

    thereafter, no major power is likely step in the way of an attempt by al-Assad to cut a path back to the opposition strongholds of northwestern Syria, if or when he musters the resources to start attacking Idlib again.

    2. Essence of which is reiterated by al-Tamimi:

    3. And a UAE-funded ‘revolutionary’ cheerleader cynically prescribes laser spot removal therapy to the leopards of Idlib, exhorting the Syrian JI-Joes to “get real and stop being tools to their supposed backers in the region” even as they are brazenly being sold down the Euphrates by Taqiyya Tayyip for a few Majoosi Shekels:
    Unfortunately, though, Hassan seems to have completely dried up on helpful and encouraging tips for JI-Joe victory! Indeed it is rumoured he has recently applied for the paper’s new post of roving ‘revolutionary’ in Venezuela!

    4. Even this morning Taghut Tayyip’s love affair with the Majoosi Devils and Rooskie Kuffar continues unabated as he conspires on handing Idlib, the final sinkhole of NATO fanboi fantasy, over to their tender mercies:

    Turkish PM says Turkey prepared contingency plans in the case of a possible military operation against HTS / AQ in Idlib. (By US or others) — Turkish leaders believe Idlib is fully controlled by “radical groups”, and are taking measures against upcoming humanitarian catastrophe — Turkish PM said humanitarian aid will continue to reach Idlib, but other shipments would be blocked — Erdoğan says Turkish and Russian Intelligence services are discussing the situation in Idlib. Conversations are going on with İran too

    Translation in cleartext:
    Former proxy army AAS/FSA has shuffled off this mortal coil, only zombies remain.
    AQ has failed to play ball and subscribe to the Taghut Tayyip agenda.
    Hence, weapons embargo and the whole of Idlib now becomes a SuperGaza under Rooskie/Majoosi management.
    Tayyip’s ‘measures’ will be to plug border holes, keep wannabe refugee fish contained in barrel with sprinkle of crumbs and daily shower of bombs until having gasped their last.
    Et voilà, another ‘humanitarian problem’ solved!

    • 1. Interesting synopsis of last 100 years in Turkish politics:

      2. After the long & vicious campaign to censor all who disagree with them, finally it has come to this:
      Many activists and open source analysts say @YouTube deletes their accounts with thousands of videos, showing Assad & ISIS war crimes.

      Hoist on own petard much, JI-Joe fanbois?

    • Lister struggles on with desperate rearguard arse-covering exercise:

      But at least he now coyly lets slip one self-evident [but for JI-Joe fanbois taboo] truth I’ve been pointing out since 2015:
      I wonder why it was that #Russia’s 1st targets in #Syria were CIA-vetted FSA groups? Because they signified Western potential leverage.

      Naturally it always made most sense for the Resistance Axis to prioritise crushing the NATO-Stooge-Army with extreme prejudice, before it could develop its intended effect of opening a pretext for full-scale ‘humanitarian’ aerial invasion à la Libya Mk.II, whereas IS and AQ could thereafter be dealt with at leisure, and the salty loser tears of all the little Listers are but a soothing balm upon the sinews of the Rooskie & Majoosie Armies as they steadily advance in definitively extirpating his now abandoned pets from Assad’s Syria.

  2. ” Qalaat Al Mudiq‏ @QalaatAlMudiq 3h3 hours ago

    Qalaat Al Mudiq Retweeted هادي العبدالله Hadi

    E. #Idlib: gunmen executed 7 volunteers from Civil Defense in Sarmin. They also stole their equipment, probably planning to impersonate them”
    Is there no depth to which the Assad gang will sink?

  3. Syrian opposition in southern Syria to follow the Kurds in the north to build ‘self-administration’… 8/11/2017

    Communes in #Venezuela occupy a unique position, connecting grassroots to nat’l politics, urban to rural areas, opening spaces for self-gov. 8/1/2017

    The Latin American tour of the presentation of the book ‘Capitalist Civilization’ by Abdullah Öcalan, translated into Spanish, started in Caracas, Venezuela. 5/14/2017

  4. Julian Assange: Who is Öcalan that the US military says the Kurds cannot hold onto? He’s their Mandela. US has more chance of giving up George Washington.öcalan_that_the_us_military/ 7/24/2017

    Council of Raqqa wants to discuss city’s post-ISIS future with Russia 8/11/2017

    Kurds’ relations with Russia and US based on ‘mutual interests’, not set in stone, says PKK figure 5/3/2017

  5. It is worth to mention that Atilio Borón (how has written the prologue to the spanish edition of Ocalan´s fairy tale) has called Maduro to “crush” with the force of arms the popular uprising:

    Escritor argentino pidió a Maduro “aplastar” con las armas y el ejército las marchas opositoras:

    “Para el escritor argentino el gobierno de Nicolás Maduro tiene una sola “actitud sensata y racional” que le reste. La de “proceder a la defensa del orden institucional vigente y movilizar sin dilaciones al conjunto de sus fuerzas armadas para aplastar la contrarrevolución”.

  6. So as usual AQ and ISIS were the only survivors (the only two wich didn´t prostitute to foreign powers). There’s a lesson to be learned from that.

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