Podcast: Anti-White Supremacy Rallies Cross Trump’s Downward Spiral


As anti-white supremacy rallies take place across the US, in a notable contrast to the turmoil of the Trump White House, I spoke with BBC Radio Wales on Sunday morning.

The other guest, trying to defend Trump’s “#Winning” through attacks on the media, is New York-based commentator Steve Merczynski.

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If you can’t get away with the “fake media” diversion to cover this up, it’s a bad week.

I prefer to deal with facts. Trump crossed a line last Tuesday when he failed to condemn white supremacists and when he put the blame on others who protested the displays of racism and anti-semitism.

But there’s a wider context. Trump hasn’t been able to get a single major piece of legislation since January. He is embroiled in a Russia investigation which is sweeping up him and a number of his aides and is likely to escalate. He has lost the confidence of the business community, with a number of them resigning this week from advisory panels.

At some point you cannot excuse incompetence, instability, and possibly sympathy for extremists by saying, “Hey, look over there! It’s Obama, it’s the media!”

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