Podcast: Trump’s Disgraceful Evasion Over Charlottesville

White supremacists at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, August 11, 2017

I spoke this morning with BBC Radio Ulster about Donald Trump’s failure — possibly a refusal — to condemn white supremacists for violence on Saturday in a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

With Trump instead putting out a false equivalence by blaming “all sides”, I discussed the reasons why the President might be avoiding any criticism of the racist behavior and symbols — including Nazi-style salutes — and what the political fallout might be. I also noted the wider issues around race and culture preceding Trump’s candidacy and inauguration, and the need for dialogue and a “repair” of America after he has left — or been forced from — office.

What has happened since Trump was inaugurated, and indeed as he ran as a candidate, is that white supremacists have felt a surge in their representation. They feel that Trump shares some of their views in that other races, other ethnicities have taken advantage of the US, that “America First” means “White First”….

Trump’s language may not say directly “I support White Supremacy”, but some of his advisors are so-called “white nationalists”. We know that Trump’s policies, such as the Muslim Ban and his harsh language towards immigrants, resonate with those who advocate white supremacy.

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  1. EXCLUSIVE: #Yazidi female fighters in #Raqqa on #Charlottesville: ‘Unite against fascism’
    theregion.org/article/11203-… https://t.co/r1TnfK2lNq
    https://twitter.com/TheRegionOrg/status/897158353960534016 8/14/2017

    Last April [2016], the leaders of dozens of white supremacist groups got together with an age-old idea: unify the unruly and questionable characters that populate the ranks of the white supremacist world under a new banner. What they came up with was the Aryan Nationalist Alliance (ANA). […]

    The groups in ANA include: the Loyal White Knights; the National Socialist Movement; Aryan Nations; Texas Rebel Knights; the America First Committee (Art Jones); the Racial Nationalist Party of America; SS Action Group; Phineas Priesthood; NSDAP/AO; Pacific Coast Knights; the Racial Volunteer Force; the Great Lakes Knights; Werwolf 88; the Aryan Terror Brigade; the White Nationalist Front (Canada); the Authoritarian Party; White Wolves Invictus; the United Society of Aryan Skinheads – USAS; the Nordic Order Knights; the Traditionalist Workers Party; and White Lives Matter.
    https://www.splcenter.org/hatewatch/2016/07/21/meet-aryan-nationalist-alliance-%E2%80%93%E2%80%93-racist-hodgepodge-doomed-fail 7/21/2016

    Vanguard America is […] a member group of a larger umbrella organization called “Nationalist Front” (formerly known as “Aryan Nationalist Alliance”) which brings together a variegated panoply of Klan, neo-Nazi, and Christian Identity groups. […]

    Another Nationalist Front founding organization is the previously mentioned Aryan Terror Brigade. Members of the Aryan Terror Brigade were convicted of carrying out racist assaults on Muslim-looking people in 2013 [x]. The group is said to be a branch of Combat 18 [x, x], a British neo-Nazi group which claimed responsibility for the terrorist bombing campaign targeting Black British, South Asian, and LGBT communities in London which took place during the days surrounding April 20, 1999, killing three people and causing four others to lose limbs. A group called the “White Wolves”, an offshoot of Combat 18, also claimed responsibility for the bombings [x]. (Another Nationalist Front co-founder is listed as “White Wolves Invictus”).

    “Aryan Strikeforce” is another Nationalist Front co-founder group which claims “Combat 18 International” affiliation, as shown on the VKontake profile of the group’s founder Joshua Michael Steever (“Hatchet”), who also founded Aryan Terror Brigade before being kicked out of it and has a history of making terroristic threats [x, x]. Strikeforce is the name of a Combat 18 publication which, before the London Nail Bomb attacks, declared that “The [only] answer is an international terror/sabotage campaign” [x, x]. Numerous members of Aryan Strikeforce were arrested in 2016 and 2017 and are said to have been amassing machine guns [x].

    David Copeland, nicknamed “The London Nail Bomber”, was the only person convicted of carrying out the 1999 neo-Nazi bombings in London, claiming to have acted as a “lone wolf” [x]. In part by relying on the doctrine of “leaderless resistance”, neo-Nazi organizations can shift responsibility for all of their illegal actions onto rogue “lone wolves” and enjoy the protection of the capitalist state and “free speech”-defending liberals who back up their above-the-board activism and organizing which pretends to be strictly interested in legal activity. This is a sham pretense. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out the nature of an organization founded by groups like “Aryan Terror Brigade” and “White Wolves Invictus”.

    It’s worth expanding on one point here and noting that the London Nail Bomber was a member of another British neo-Nazi group, “coincidentally” also named “National Socialist Movement” (like “White Wolves”, the British NSM was also an offshoot of Combat 18 [x]). The British NSM was led by David Myatt, a man who is in turn widely acknowledged to have used various pseudonyms in leading a cult called the “Order of Nine Angles”, which embraces “traditional Satanism” and neo-Nazism, and advocates the practice of human sacrifice as a form of Hitlerian eugenics.
    https://danielkbuntovnik.wordpress.com/2017/08/17/trumps-dog-whistle-nazis-americanism-fascism/ 8/17/2017

    • “Yazidi female fighters in #Raqqa on #Charlottesville: ‘Unite against fascism’”

      Lol, is that Big Brother in the wall behind them?

  2. At a 2003 UNESCO conference in Paris, which concerned the growth of anti-Semitism, it was stated that “David Myatt, the leading hardline Nazi intellectual in Britain since the 1960s […] has converted to Islam, praises bin Laden and al Qaeda, calls the 9/11 attacks ‘acts of heroism,’ and urges the killing of Jews. Myatt, under the name Abdul Aziz Ibn Myatt supports suicide missions and urges young Muslims to take up Jihad. Observers warn that Myatt is a dangerous man…”
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Myatt 7/14/2017

    Jihad in Paradise: #Barcelona’s long history of radicalism, stretching back to 9/11 bit.ly/2uWxYKe https://t.co/ozazqjTTdz https://t.co/iIUKv0Y78r
    https://twitter.com/talkRADIO/status/898480854611222528 8/18/2017

    Spanish fighters of the YPG condemn Barcelona attack, vow to take revenge
    http://theregion.org/article/11291-spanish-fighters-of-the-ypg-condemn-barcelona-attack-vow-to-take-revenge 8/20/2017

  3. Nazis were not “anti-semite” but “anti-jew”. Plus why so much fuss around “nazi-style salutes” and white supremacism?, if the far-left can daily and unimpededly parade their hate symbols the far-right movements have exactly the same rights.

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