Having failed to get any major legislation passed in seven months, and facing an October 1 deadline for the adoption of the Federal Government budget, Donald Trump is now picking fights with the leadership of the Republican Party that he nominally represents.

Can Trump intimidate or vanquish Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Speaker of House Paul Ryan, and others? Will Trump be contained not only by the legislators but also by his own White House staff? And will the whole Trump edifice come crashing down soon?

Politco’s Elana Schor and I discuss the situation with Monocle 24’s The Daily:

Listen from 3:23

Donald Trump’s strategy is that if he doesn’t get his budget, he is going to blame those in Congress….If and when he does not get his economic legislation, somebody else will have to take the fall.

One thing about Donald Trump: cut through all the arrogance, cut through all the aggression, he never takes responsibility for anything that doesn’t go quite right. And he is not going to change on this occasion.