Podcast: How Trump’s Threats v. North Korea Are Blunted by Advisors & China

Donald Trump and Chinese leader Xi Jinping, April 2017

After five day, Donald Trump’s threats of nuclear war with North Korea are receding from the headlines.

In part, that is because of the surge of other events, such as the white supremacist violence in Virginia on Saturday, but in part it is because Trump has been held back by a combination of his advisors and China’s leadership.

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TrumpWatch, Day 204: Advisors & China Pull Back Trump’s “Locked and Loaded” Threat v. North Korea

On Saturday Jane Duckett, a specialist in Chinese politics at the University of Glasgow, and I joined BBC Radio Scotland to discuss the issues. The conversation is preceded by an explanation from Shea Cotton, of California’s Monterey Institute, of Norea Korea’s nuclear weapons capability.

There’s no way, when this man sits in a locked room and watches early-morning US TV, that you can stop him from wreaking havoc on social media. The question now is, after Trump escalated the crisis with his words, whether the adults take control when it comes to action.

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