Syria Daily: Regime, Opposition Silent on US-Russia Ceasefire Deal

UN Deputy Special Envoy for Syria Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy talks to press after meeting Assad regime officials in Damascus, July 8, 2017 (Omar Sanadiki/Reuters)


UPDATE 1200 GMT: Commenting on the US-Russia deal and implicitly displaying his hope that the agreement will help sweep away the Trump-Russia investigation, Donald Trump has tweeted:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed the arrangement for “a genuine cease-fire” in southwest Syria provided it does not enable a military presence for Iranian-backed forces along Israel’s border.

Israel has carried out a series of strikes, including three on regime positions in the past month, to warn against any hostile presence near the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

Netanyahu said that he conveyed concerns last week to both Putin and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and that both said they understand Israel’s position and took it into account.

ORIGINAL ENTRY: Both the Assad regime and Syria’s opposition were silent on Saturday over the first US-Russia “de-escalation” deal, proposing a ceasefire in the southwest of the country from noon local time on Sunday.

Friday’s agreement was announced after a meeting between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Germany. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson hailed the “first indication of the US and Russia being able to work together in Syria” and looked to arrangements “regarding other areas”, but he was vague on the implementation of the deal, saying it was up to militaries on the ground.

On Saturday, the Assad regime’s media focused instead on a Foreign Ministry rejection of Israel’s plan to hold local elections in 2018 in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, near the proposed de-escalation zone.

Amid clashes between the regime and rebels in Quneitra Province, Israel has carried out three strikes on regime positions in recent weeks.

The UN deputy envoy for Syria, Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy, met regime officials on Saturday about upcoming political talks in Geneva. He said afterwards that the US-Russian proposal is a “step in the right direction. All of this leads to supporting the political process.”

The Syrian opposition has not reacted officially. However, it has been sceptical about both the Geneva talks and those in the Kazakh capital Astana since January, maintaining that Russia cannot be relied upon to rein in the regime and noting the Assad regime has continued attacks despite Moscow’s declaration of four de-escalation zones in early May.

Rebels said on Friday that they had “great concern over the secret meetings between Russia and Jordan and America to conclude an individual deal for southern Syria in isolation from the north”.

Russia Returns to “Khan Sheikhoun Sarin Attack was Staged”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has returned to its diversionary claim that the Assad regime’s April 4 sarin attack on Khan Sheikhoun in northwest Syria never occurred.

Mikhail Ulyanov, the Foreign Ministry’s director for non-proliferation and arms control, tried to dismiss the confirmation of a sarin assault by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. He displayed several videos and photos out of context and then asserted, “We should not renounce the theory that the incident was staged.”

Russia has previously tried the line, echoing Bashar al-Assad, that the attack — carried out by a regime Su-22 jet dropping a munition with “sarin or sarin-like substance” — was fabricated. But Moscow has also said at times that rebels carried out the attack or that a Su-22 jet hit a rebel warehouse filled with chemical stocks.

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  1. “Massively impressed with the work of Brett Mcgurk and coalition. In Raqqa there is more coordinated support for SDF and more humanitarian aid,” Gifford wrote on Twitter.
    “Brett McGurks visit is a clear indication that the US Government has accepted that the SDF and the Federation of Northern Syria is the defacto government of the region,” Gifford said.

    “The US finally seems to have a workable plan and is sticking to it with public shows of solidarity. I have spent the last three years fighting for the YPG and SDF, I have never seen so much military and humanitarian support. Its fantastic but needs to be maintained if Syria is going to stabilize and have lasting peace,” he concluded.

  2. Widespread Demonstrations Held in N. Syria to Protest Turkish Shelling 7/6/2017

    Large number of protesters took streets in Hamburg today to condemn Turkish attacks on Afrin 7/8/2017

    Alternative Summit Against G-20 inspired by Öcalan and Rojava… 7/7/2017

  3. Janet Biehl – From Marxism to Communalism and Confederalism: Bookchin and Öcalan (2012) 5/6/2015

    Öcalan used to be a communist but after being imprisoned by the Turks, and initially sentenced to death, he was greatly influenced by the late American anarchist Murray Bookchin, who combined an interest in ecology with libertarian socialism to create something that he called communalism. 7/9/2017

    The interview below was conducted by Real Media and can be watched as a video at this link [ ].

    DAVID GRAEBER: I was in Syria once. I was in southern Turkey. I was in Iraq. I was in a variety of different areas within the Kurdish territories that are experimenting with direct democracy.

    Interviewer: Can you tell me about what brought you there, and certainly from the very beginning?

    DAVID GRAEBER: It was less that I found them than they found me. There’s people involved in the Kurdish Freedom Movement that … it started … it emerged from the PKK, which is a rather conventional, Marxist-Leninist guerrilla group in its origins. But something about [inaudible 00:00:30] took it in this radically new direction, and a lot of it was internal processes of women guerrillas sort of asserting themselves, and introducing feminism as a big theme. Part of it had to do with the particular intellectual evolution of their leader, [Ojulan 00:00:43], who’s become this … since his arrest and imprisonment in this island prison in Turkey, has been reading a lot of Marie Bookchin and a lot of feminist theory, and kind of came around to a much more anarchist position, basically.

    They decided that rather than demanding a state of their own, they wished to simply make borders irrelevant and dissolve away states entirely. 7/5/2017

    • How is what Saliatus is doing any different from spamming? He/she never interacts with posters and all his posts are all about one topic (ie PKK) and nothing about the wider region of the middle east or any other part of Syria that doesn’t affect the YPG controlled areas of Syria.

    • LMAO — ecology and libertarian socialism (an oxymoron) gives you an ideological sewage, most likely leading to communism and fascism. Anyone who falls for this crap needs to pick up a book and read and get an education.

    • “Direct democracy” — or is that rule of the warlords and militia? Beat up everyone so they vote the way you want and you got direct democracy! Marhabâ! Sobhânallâh!

    • “They decided that rather than demanding a state of their own, they wished to simply make borders irrelevant and dissolve away states entirely.” — So they dissolve the state, i.e. offer no services no regulations no centralism no law and order, but in the meantime eliminate dissidents and imprison/torture them – as there is no state – so they can’t be accused of torturing. So convenient that even this pro-Kurd here can see the ruse behind this all. How can so-called intelligent people say this rubbish with a straight face?

  4. #Homs: “Fertilizer plant in #Homs finally flipped back on after 2 year hiatus as more gas supplies are secured. Plant uses 1.2 million m^3 gas a day” – vincebeshara
    This plant will become a number 1 target for any group that wants to become self-sufficient/reliant on IEDs.
    #Hama: “Harbinafsah front heating up since 48hrs w/ failed Regime attack & Ahrar night raid, grabbing few weapons.” – QalaatAlMudiq
    If the rebels want to keep their positions in Hama they’ll not only will have to do what Ahrar is doing (but on a larger scale – more areas raided simultaniously including eastern Hama) but they’ll also have turn their current front-lines against the regime in Hama province as forward bases to launch fast night-time deep-behind-the-lines type raids on regime positions in a way that’s lot more strategic (ie targets – regime buildings and officers – whose destruction will disrupt the regime’s ability to coordinate fighting in Hama) in it’s approach.

  5. “Stork Retweeted
    The Spectator Index‏ @spectatorindex 1h1 hour ago

    USA: Senator Lindsey Graham says President Trump’s plan to work with Russia on cybersecurity is the ‘dumbest’ idea he has ever heard.”
    Trump has found a way to give Russia American secrets without being accused of spying. Will the bosses of cyber-security be dumb enough to co-operate?

    • Der Trumpenführer has been ordered by his boss the Vladster to open Yanki spook crypts to Russian cyberwarfare experts so they may finally rid him of the troublesome DeepState conspirators behind the false-flag ‘election interference’ hoax perpetrated against innocent Mother Russia.

      It is truly heart-warming to see this collaboration for good!

  6. Hey Scott,
    Minor proof reading error no big deal but add a nt after does.

    “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed the arrangement for “a genuine cease-fire” in southwest Syria provided it does enable a military presence for Iranian-backed forces along Israel’s border.” :)

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