Podcasts: Trump in Trouble

Donald Trump speaks in the Rose Garden of the White House, July 25, 2017 (AP)

Amid the latest developments over the Presidency of Donald Trump, I spoke with BBC Coventry, Austria’s Radio FM4, Ireland’s Dublin Newstalk, and London’s talkRADIO on Wednesday.

The discussions consider Congress’s bipartisan limit on Trump’s authority over Russian sanctions; the troubled GOP healthcare bill; Trump’s humiliation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions; the state of the Trump-Russia investigation; and Trump’s mythical promise that he is working on an imminent US-UK trade deal.

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Listen to BBC Coventry

Listen to Radio FM4 from 13:14

For decades, Congress and the President have fought over the tool of sanctions and economic punishment. Now Congress has said, “No, Mr Trump, you have to defer to us.”…

On the domestic front, Trump will give way. He simply does not have enough leverage amid the Trump-Russia investigation. What then happens over relations with Russia? Well, you have not only Congress but the heads of Trump’s own agencies saying, “Mr President, you cannot appease Russia; you have serious issues with them. No matter how much you like Vladimir Putin, you can’t wish those away.”

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