Podcast: Mr Trump and Mr Putin Make An Election Deal


On Friday Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, in their first face-to-face encounter, reached a deal to put aside the small matter of Moscow’s interference in the 2016 US Presidential election.

The Russians then piled on some embarrassment for the Trump camp, saying that the US President had agreed with Putin that there were never any Russian influence operations to damage Trump’s opponent Hillary Clinton.

Speaking to BBC Radio Wales on Saturday morning, I explained why any Trump celebration might be short-lived: despite the “nothing to see here, folks” proclamation, Washington’s attention will soon return to the Trump-Russia investigations:

The story is what happens on Monday. As soon as the news cycle starts in the US, you are going to see the FBI, you are going to see Congressional committees, you are going to see the intelligence community hit back. They are going to say that this is a serious matter and you cannot drop it.

Far from settling anything domestically, inadvertently President Trump may have just fed the fire.

The conversation also considers the important issues at the G20 meeting being overshadowed by the Trump-Putin show, and Trump’s bluster about both a trade deal with the Brexit-troubled UK and his visit to London coming “very soon”.

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