Iran Daily: Rouhani — “US Isolated in World”


Iran’s President Rouhani has declared that, while he is promoting engagement with the world, the US is isolated.

In an address on Sunday, Rouhani both continued the regime’s rhetorical fight against Washington and promoted his own foreign policy, challenged by other factions within the Islamic Republic.

He cited the UN Security Council on Thursday, which affirmed Iran’s compliance with the July 2015 nuclear deal and called for continued adherence, as evidence that the “US [is] alone [as] no other country supported their position against Iran”.

Members of the Council, including European powers such as Britain, expressed concern over Iran’s ongoing ballistic missile tests and arms deliveries to other countries. However, they also chided the US for continued — and possibly expanding — sanctions on Tehran.

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Rouhani also said that the US was failing to get support for restrictions on Iran’s financial and banking sector, saying that Europe, Russia, and China had refused to accede and the Washington was alone with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

The President did not note that European companies are continued to stand back from trade and investment deals, badly needed for Iran’s economic recovery, because of fear of US punishment. Instead, he promoted his line of engagement in foreign policy, while ensuring that he did not distance himself from the Supreme Leader, who has criticized the approach.

Rouhani asserted, “Even on difficult issues, like human rights, we can engage with the world. We at least can fully implement our very own laws.”

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