Podcast: Trump Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice


I spoke with Monocle 24’s The Daily on Thursday about the confirmation that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now investigating Donald Trump as part of the inquiry into connections between Trump’s associates and Russian officials.

The discussion explains the specific incident being considered by Mueller — a second episode of Trump asking high-level officials to limit an inquiry into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn — and the status of the wider Trump-Russia investigation.

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Until now, Trump had been able to say, “I’m not being investigated over this” — in fact, that is what he kept trying to get his officials to say publicly. Well, now he can’t say that. For the first time, it’s not just Trump’s past advisors, it’s not just his current advisors, it’s the President himself who is under investigation.

That — symbolically and politically — marks a significant escalation.

Listen from 6:24:

TOP PHOTO: Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Donald Trump

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