VideoCast: Trump and the Sword of Obstruction of Justice


In the wake of the latest revelations about Donald Trump — including FBI Director James Comey’s memo that Trump asked him to halt the investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn — I joined Rosemary Church on CNN International to discuss whether this could be the legal and political offense of obstruction of justice.

Our discussion, followed by comments from CNN’s constitutional analyst Page Pate (“We’re getting really close to impeachment”), considers the next political and legal developments:

Republicans in Congress will gradually peel away as Trump crosses more and more line.

This does not mean a dramatic jump to impeachment, but the effect is to paralyze the White House. They will be unable to make any positive move on their domestic agenda or on foreign policy.

This White House is now tied down like Gulliver, but unlike Gulliver, it is unlikely to escape.


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