Podcast: Trump’s Russia Troubles After Comey Firing


The day after the firing of FBI Director James Comey was no better for Donald Trump.

Far from curbing the Trump-Russia investigation, Comey’s dismissal has only spurred investigations while highlighting Trump’s anger and the chaos of the White House. Among latest developments was the escalated efforts of the Senate Intelligence Committee, whose chairmen — Republican and Democrat — asked Comey on Monday to accelerate the FBI’s inquiry so they could press their own. The Committee has subpoenaed former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, dismissed over his contacts with the Russian Ambassador; invited Comey to testify in closed session; and asked a Government agency that investigates money laundering to provide records on Russian banks.

Speaking with the BBC World Service on Thursday morning, I knock back the White House’s pretext for firing Comey and assess the latest political and legal situation — is Trump now in a downward spiral that cannot be checked?

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Given that Trump is increasingly erratic, given the mounting circumstantial evidence of the possible Russian ties, you’re going to see more Republicans peel away and more pressure on the White House in the weeks to come.

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  1. Massive bombshell story just breaking. Seth Rich’s murder has been tied to Wikileaks. The whole Russia hacking story could come crashing down.

    The story is that the police department were told to back off the investigation by the FBI. FBI has confirmed leaks between Rich and Wikileaks.

    This confirms what Assange and Craig Murray have been saying all along.

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