Videocast: Trump the Unpredictable — From North Korea to Easter Eggs


It has been a demanding week for Donald Trump — from tweeting up a crisis over North Korea to (allegedly) fretting whether he can get the Queen’s golden carriage for his visit in London to planning the White House Easter Egg Hunt.

I joined John Northcott from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to move from crisis to frivolity — with a couple of bonus Easter puns — and back to the serious again.

China is the key actor in this crisis, trying to separate North Korea and the US like getting between two angry guys in a bar.

That golden carriage:

The UK Government, which is dealing with Brexit right now, doesn’t want Trump in a golden carriage, in an armor-plated car, or even on foot.

And the Easter Egg Hunt:

This is symbolic of the mood music in the White House and the more serious story — that they are scrambling to fill hundreds of positions in the Government. This is an Administration which doesn’t show that level of competence to give us reassurance, whether it’s over Easter eggs or confrontation with North Korea.

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