US Podcasts: Trump, Sessions, and the Russia Problem


“To lose one advisor [over contacts with Russia] is unfortunate, to lose two is more than carelessness.”

UPDATE, MARCH 3, 0730 GMT: After Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ announcement that he is stepping aside from the investigation of Trump-Russia links, I explained to BBC Radio Foyle on Friday morning that this is far from the end of the matter.

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Someone within the Administration, probably in the Justice Department or the FBI, was just sitting on this information and waiting to release it after Trump’s speech on Tuesday night.

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ORIGINAL ENTRY, MARCH 2: Amid the sudden furor over contacts between Attorney Jeff Sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak in summer 2016, when Sessions was working with Donald Trump’s campaign, I spoke on Thursday with Julia Hartley-Brewer of London’s Talk Radio.

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In a wide-ranging interview, we talked through the Sessions episode and what it means for a President and Administration already beset by claims and investigations of links with the Russians.

Predicting that the Administration cannot afford to let the Attorney General go, I summarised what remains to be seen: “Did Sessions talk to the Russian ambassador about anything connected with the alleged Russian interference [in the 2016 Presidential election]?”

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TOP PHOTO: Jeff Sessions endorses Donald Trump for President, February 2016

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    • Vlad who is known as Mike from the other computer …why do you keep saying the same s*** over and over, whom do you think you fool? This is not Trump’s base…with no intelligence and no understanding how things work. It is obvious meddling of Russia just taking your case. You are just a troll who carries the image of your loved leader, so don’t expect that you do not know the truth. I do not care about your stupid lies.

      • Wrong, Freundchen, we are converting it into Der Trumpenführer‘s base, with intelligence and understanding of how things work.
        Steter Tropfen höhlt den Stein.
        Resistance is futile! Heil him like you should!

        • Trump, the clown, will be impeached soon, and hopefully investigated for all his frauds against real hard work Americans. You do not mess with the American spirit! Decency and righteousness will always win while trolls and parasites paid in glasses with vodca will be forgotten.

          • LOL, the American spirit, WTF is that, some new kind of Brazilian hootch?
            BTW, Der Trumpenführer can never be impeached … he has only to drop one Tweet to mobilise his Citizen’s Army to overrun the cuck Yanki Congress and let the traitors taste some righteous Volkszorn.

            • Oh you have not been to US! Oh you miss a great chance i recommend you to visit US, besides incredible landscapes, you have to get to know Americans, i was lucky to have met one of the the most genuine, kind, generous, polite, and intelligent people. It is hard to understand what has happent after Obama left the building! 🙂

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